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7 Fun Ways to Unwind After Work That Aren’t in Your House

All day long you sit at your desk, and you wait for five o’clock to come. Finally, you punch the clock, and it’s time to leave, so what do you do now? Most nights are the same: wait in traffic, get home, watch TV and eat something mediocre.

It doesn’t have to be like that. We aren’t saying to go out every night, but here are seven ways for you to go out and enjoy some time away from the stressors of work, and not be cooped up at home either.


Trivia Night

Getting competitive is a nice natural way to blow off some steam. Find a local bar or two that have a weekly trivia night and get some friends together to go. When you form your team, make sure you try to find people with different strengths.

Even if you don’t win, getting together is always fun; winning just makes it better. Maybe you’ll start a weekly rivalry and make some new ‘friends’ in the process.


Usually, karaoke carries a bad connotation, but it’s all about perspective. Make it fun no matter how bad it is. If you can get a group together, challenge each other to do a better job than you.

Watching friends make a fool of themselves singing Madonna is sure to relieve some workday stress.

Buy One Get One Free

Drinking too much the night before work is never a good idea, but buy one get one free night is the perfect excuse to meet up with a good friend and have a few drinks.

A lot of bars and restaurants have bought one get one night, so it might be worth it to make a little list and keep it in your office desk; when you have one of those especially tough days, look to see where the best deals are and start asking friends to meet!


Nothing can beat a good game of balling. Why sit at home when you and your friends can do balling at the nearest game shop. Balling will not only act as a source of entertainment and fun but, it will also help your arm. Balling involves a heavy movement of arms. Thus, you will also end up doing some arm exercise through balling.

So, instead of sitting at home and watching others play in Movies and Sitcoms, why not wake up and play your own game.

Give a Surprise to your Family

The chances are high that you are living away from your family because of your job. We all miss our family, and one great way to unwind after work is sit in the car and head back to the family.

This plan will work out only if you have a day off on the next day so that you can spend some quality time with your family. Don’t forget to keep it a surprise and also add some gifts or sweets for the kids in the family.

Go Swimming

Swimming is considered as the best exercise as it involves movement of almost all body parts. Swimming increases metabolism rate of the body and refresh your mind too. You can join a swimming club near your house or can go to any swimming center to enjoy the fun of swimming.

This will not only tone your body but, will also keep you healthy and fit for the whole time. Tag in some friends and compete with them to add more excitement to it.

Taste the local food

You go to the restaurants and pub on a regular basis and you also know what their master dish taste like. So, instead of going to a luxurious hotel for food, you can go to a local food joint or food hub.

Give some new taste to your taste buds and it will also save you a good amount of money.

So, why wait for weekends when you can have some fun on each and every day of week. All you need is some friends and a zeal. Good luck.

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