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5 + 1 Best Software Similar To TeamViewer

You might be using remote desktop connection software for various reasons, like solving client’s problems or helping out your buddy to troubleshoot some errors. 

As far as I know, most of the computer users tend to use the popular TeamViewer to connect into other PCs remotely.

Of course, it’s the popular client software that supports almost all devices. But, do you really think that it’s secure? Should we use other TeamViewer alternatives to connect remotely? 

If yes, then why should we leap out of TeamViewer?

Why Should We Use Software Like TeamViewer?

Let me give a short info about their security structure. If you have forgotten, let me recall that last year (May-June 2016), a big hacking stuff was going around TeamViewer. 

And the reports say that a lot of TeamViewer users lost their account balance in PayPal and Bank accounts, as this software gives complete holding on the connected PC without further security measurements. 

The reason why hackers targeted TeamViewer is that, of their popularity and user database. Thus, it is definitely necessary to think twice before using their service.

Even though the TeamViewer had denied that hack and said that there was no security breach at their end, people have started looking the open source TeamViewer alternative. 

Alright, now you could also have been asking me a question- So, which is the best TeamViwer alternative?

There are many software that can do the same thing, but if you tried to find them on your own, you might end up scratching your head.

So, I have put in a minuscule effort and created a list of best free TeamViewer alternative software that you can use for the remote connection purpose.

5 Excellent Free Teamviewer Alternative Software To Install


1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection


Microsoft made it easy for us by providing remote desktop connection feature inbuilt with our daily using Windows OS, but we were just lazy enough to find it.

This is perfect remote connection method for beginners, it is so easy-going and less complicated than any other third-party software, moreover its FREE. It supports both Mac and Windows Operating systems.

The lone thing that is lacking here is, you cannot access more than one PC at a time, which is okay for a normal user but not in the case of business firms.

How To Access It?

To get access to this feature, head over to Control Panel and type in “RemoteApp and Desktop Connections” on the search bar and hit enter to find it.

2. Real VNC


This is one more remote desktop connecting tool that you can use alternative to the TeamViewer. However, RealVNC is not as easy to setup like TeamViewer. Yet, it provides great support and security. 

RealVNC also comes with special features like multiple PC support and chat box, to have a conversation with another person on the other end along with encryption feature that encrypts the data to avoid being stolen by the remote user.

This TeamViewer type software is available in both free and paid versions. The paid versions are again classified into two different versions – Commercial and Enterprise which costs $30 per desktop and 44$/desktop respectively.

Also, it supports a wide variety of OS, including- Windows, Mac Osx, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi, and UNIX.

Get Real VNC

3. Splashtop Remote Desktop


This is one more best alternative to TeamViewer. Splashtop claims themselves to be the most reliable and secure RD over their competitors. It’s easy to setup and cross platform supported application.

So that you can use your PC from anywhere in the world on any device such as – Mac, Android, iOS and even on Kindle Fire.

This software works on local networks as well, you can connect any of your devices to your PC and use FPT feature to transfer files and documents in a flash. All the connections will be encrypted as a protection bar.

Another amazing option on Splashtop is, you can even play games or stream movies in high resolution at 30 FPS.

Installation process seems a bit difficult, but it’s totally worth it. It is capable of viewing and editing pdf, word documents in real time with no flaws or issues like lagging as well.

Get Splashtop Remote Access

4. X2GO


While all other Remote desktop software are solely targeted for Mac or Windows users and business purpose. X2GO is for the personal and developer oriented program made especially for Linux. Just because, it is made for Linux, doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other OS.

You can still access Linux, Windows and MAC OS running devices using this free alternative to TeamViewer. The drawback in this application is that it doesn’t support any of the mobile OS.

But, as this RD is more concerned about developers, the app comes with open source code, which you can tweak however you want and test your abilities. The deployment and setting up might be complicated than any other RD. 

Install X2Go

5. Join.Me


Last but not the least. Join.Me is yet an another excellent software like TeamViewer developed by LogMeIn who are popular for having another application which is also a Remote Desktop software.

Join.Me is more like a business oriented tool. It has been trusted by all the top universities and major Fortune 500 companies.

The paid version of Join.Me supports up to 250 different connections, to whom you can share your idea or presentation in real time.

Join.Me is the best tool to collaborate with people remotely, the basic version of the software costs you nothing, while Pro and Enterprise plans costs you $15/month and $19/month respectively.

Get Join.Me

Bonus – Google Chrome Remote Desktop


This is not a full-fledged desktop application, yet works like a charm. It’s actually just an add-on that you have to install on your Chrome browser in order to access any device through your browser window.

There is no need of installing any additional programs like TeamViewer. If you have the Chrome browser on your device, then just go to this page and install this easy to setup remote desktop add-on for free.

Final Words

Accessing anyone’s desktop from anywhere through the remote is a great technological development and it is a more useful technique to solve the troubleshooting problem of others. 

TeamViewer is a good remote access software but it lacks the simplicity and had security holes as well. Thus the developers and other users have started to find out the software similar to TeamViewer to work in a better way. 

As you also seek for the same, I hope you liked the free Teamviewer alternative applications that I have listed in the post. Choose the right Remote Desktop connection software according to your requirements and let me know your experience through the comment section. 

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