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List Of Websites & Apps To Make Free Prank Calls For Fun

If you’re looking to dial the spoof call for fun, then here is a guide on how to make free prank calls unlimited!

So, are you bored with your daily life and want to spice it up a little bit? Or do you want to annoy your friend or any random stranger? Well! Then the best thing for you to look out at is to do prank calls. Yes!

Prank phone calls can be really funny and entertaining but as long as you know that it won’t trouble you or will not cause any harm to the person.


If you don’t know that in some cases people even get arrested for making fake calls. So beware of what you are doing. You may send free prank calls just for the entertainment purpose and you should not misuse for doing any other harmful activity. We are not encouraging you to make the fake voice call, we have just listed the free prank call websites to have fun with your family and friends. If you get any trouble, we are not responsible for it! 

How To Make Free Prank Calls Unlimited?

There are several apps and website which you can download from your Google Play Store and visit to make a prank call.

All you need to do is to download the app that you liked and login to it and follow the instructions or visit the sites. You are Done!

Most of the websites or app uses IP gateway through which they transmit the data from the internet to the mobile networks.

However, you should always remember that a spoof call is just for fun and to irritate a friend. It is not to hurt anyone’s sentiment.

Top 10 Android Apps & Sites To Make Prank Calls

Free Prank Calls Unlimited

Here we tried to list down top 10 best apps and websites to make prank calls from Android devices. All these apps are available in the Google Play Store. You need to download it to get the access to the apps.

#1. Prank Dial

If you are looking for a prank call app that is easy to use, then Prank Dial app is the best one for you. Most of the times we fail to speak what we scripted but this app has some great prerecorded scripts to help you with.

There are more than 150 scripts to choose from and yes, you can do up to two free prank phone calls a day. It is the no. 1 app for making the free prank phone calls. 

Download Prank Dial App

#2. Celebrity Prank Calls

This app is one of the most favorite by far. Just imagine how interesting it will be if you can talk using your favorite actor or actress’s voice? Yes! With this fake call app, you can call anyone and do prank using celebrity voices.

However, when you will call yourself, you see an image of the respective celebrity will show on the caller ID. 

Download Celebrity Prank Calls App

#3. MyPhoneRobot

A website that is great for making scary prank calls but available only for Canada and USA citizens is none other than MyPhoneRobot. It has some amazing spoofing features, fake texts and also you can check the history of the calls previously made.

This site also provides you to purchase anonymous numbers which you can use to do the spoof calls. Actually, it is a paid application, but you can try it for free!

Visit MyPhoneRobot

#4. Voice Changer Prank Calls

Voice Changer Prank Calls, the name of the app itself is telling about the app. Well! The main motive of the prank calling app is to change the voice of the caller to do fake phone calls with your friends.

You can do the call on a minute basis and you will have the access to unlimited voice changing features. 

Download Voice Changer Prank Calls App

#5. FunCall Voice Changer In Call

FunCall Voice Changer in Call is one of the most trending prank call apps that let you do fake phone calls with your relatives or friends. With this app, you can change your voice and then call to protect your identity.

You can choose from a wide range of voice changing modes starting from funny voices to scary voices. 

Download FunCall Voice Changer App

#6. Wacky Prank Calls

One of the excellent free prank call websites to play a game with your friends or relatives by doing spoof phone calls is Wacky Prank Calls. It offers you to do calls an unlimited number of times.

This fake phone call app gives you an access to one of the most amazing features where you can call from a special number and no need to dial any number from the website.

Visit Wacky Prank Calls

#7. EasyPrank

EasyPrank is a website that offers you to do ghost prank call to troll your relatives or friends. However, this website doesn’t provide any kind of caller ID spoofing feature but you can alias your phone number with this site. You can call anyone and do a prank on them. 

Visit EasyPrank

#8. Fake Police Call

Do you ever want to be a policeman? Well! You can prank on someone being a policeman. Yes! With an amazing app called Fake Police Call, you can now become a policeman and do spoof phone calls on others.

In this prank calling app, they will ask you to choose topics starting from good to bad such as truth-telling, traffic rules, helmet etc. 

Download Fake Police Call App

#9. Scary Ghost Call Prank

Scary Ghost Call Prank is for those who are really scared of ghosts. This is an android app that allows you to do free prank calls unlimited. 

You need to choose a scary character before you proceed and then once done, you can now call and fool your relatives or friends. It also shows an image of a ghost. 

Download Scary Ghost Call Prank App

#10. Call From Santa Prank

One of the most popular free prank calling apps to do prank phone call is none other than the Call from Santa Prank app. This fake number calling app is a great one that lets you call anyone from your contact list.

It is free to use and you can call as a Santa to do the prank and record the call session to have fun in future. 

Download Call From Santa Prank App


So these are some of the apps and websites that offer you to do free prank calls unlimited to others. However, some sources do charge after a certain point in time. Make sure you read the terms and conditions for all the apps before starting using one in reality.

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