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Top 10 Apps To Hear Music Without The Internet Connection

How to listen to music without wifi? – It is a million dollar question!

I have taken a nice opportunity to write about some of the mobile phone apps that you can listen to music without the internet connection.

In this era, almost everyone has access to the internet and owns a smartphone as well. However, it is not always possible to be in a Wi-Fi zone, and that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to your favorite song. Well!

There is always a solution if you want to find one!

What can be more effective than listening to your favorite song while you relax?

It is always refreshing, and it gives positive vibes as well. Many music lovers love to listen to good music while working or while traveling.

Check out these free music apps without wifi connectivity!

Best Apps To Listen To Free Music Without WiFi 

Here is a list of the best apps to hear music without the need for any internet connection. Hopefully, this will help all the music lovers to cherish their free time while working or while traveling.

You simply need to download any of the below suggested app and login with your Gmail account and you are done!

best free music apps without wifi

#1. iHeartRadio

One of the best music apps that have topped the list is none other than iHeartRadio. This music app is available for all major platforms. It gives you access to over than 800 radio stations hosted in the US.

You can create your station as well based on artists, bands, genres, and songs. Download this app fast to enter a new world that will give you an amazing musical experience

iHeart Radio For Android

iHeart Radio For iOS

#2. Pandora

When we talk about offline music streaming app, we can’t miss out Pandora. It is without a doubt one of the most trending music apps that let you stream your favorite music without internet.

You can set your favorite music as your alarm clock and also lets you create your playlist just like the iHeartRadio app.

However, it has a little less collection when compared to the other apps, but they are increasing the stock on a daily basis now. 

Pandora For Android

Pandora For iOS

#3. SoundCloud

Well! The giant of all the music apps is here!

Almost all the musicians have uploaded their tracks here in SoundCloud. It is one of the best music streaming app without a doubt and has got millions of songs of all the genres and artists.

You simply need to download the app and sign in, and you are good to go. Also if you love to sing, you can now share your songs with others with this fantastic app. 

It is one of the excellent free music apps without wifi connectivity to sit and chill out!

SoundCloud For Android

SoundCloud For iOS

#4. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the app that always stays on the list of favorites. It is an app by the Google only for the Android users.

This app is pre-installed, and if not, you can install it from the Play Store. This offline music app lets you listen to several musical tracks that are pre-saved on your device.

However, the main attraction is the Radio feature it has. You can select from according to languages, moods, categories, etc. It has a huge library, and thus you can search any song of your choice.

Google Play Music For Android

Google Play Music For iOS

#5. Gaana

Gaana is one of the most popular free music apps without WiFi connectivity. You can listen to your favorite songs without delay. This offline music app offers you to listen to music for free and that too unlimited.

You can access this app via desktop as well. Visit the official website and connect with your email id and you are good to go.

Now listen to your favorite songs of any language Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, etc. with just one click. 

Gaana For Android

Gaana For iOS

#6. Saavn

If you are a loyal user of Android mobile phones and wish to get free music without internet, then you may come across Saavn the offline music streaming app. It is also available for the iOS users.

You can enjoy the music of any language you prefer Hindi, English or Bengali. It also has the radio feature. 

Saavn For Android

Saavn For iOS

#7. Beats Music

If you are looking for a great app to listen to music without wifi for free, then Beats Music is for you that has launched a few years back.

You can listen to songs just by searching the proper genres or artists name. All you need is to get your headphone plugged in and listen to your favorite song without waiting for a single second.

Beats Music For Android

Beats Music For iOS

#8. Spotify

Another well-known offline music streaming app is Spotify. It is available in almost all the major platform. It is a hub for more than 22 million music tracks that streams on a daily basis.

You can connect your social accounts with this app and share the song while listening to it. However, this app is free if you access it through your PC and in case of mobile, you need to pay an amount of $12.99 a month to get rids of all the ads.

Spotify For Android

Spotify For iOS

#9. Slacker Radio

One of the most popular music streaming apps is Slacker Radio. It can play music offline as well, and it serves more than a million users.

The best part is that it can easily track your favorite albums or songs according to the genres or artist you wish. You can even create your station. It is a free app and gives free access to all the features. 

Slacker Radio For Android

Slacker Radio For iOS

#10. Musify

Musify is the best music app without internet that lets you listen to your favorite song offline. This app allows you to create your playlists and shuffle them.

It also distributes your music according to the country. However, you may find it a little more confusing, but it can be a great app to listen to music offline once you download them.

Musify For Android


So, you can enjoy the music without wifi! Yes, You can now listen to all your favorite albums and songs offline while you travel without streaming.

You simply need to download the respective apps and enjoy the music! All you need is to buy a great earphone to plug in and enjoy the excellent musical experience.

I hope that I have listed the best free music apps without WiFi to refresh your mind. Do you know any other better apps to listen to music without internet? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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