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Best Free Movie Apps for Android Phone

Are you a human? Yeah, this question would make you stare at me.

If yes, then I would confirm you as a human for sure due to the feelings which you have. Every person has their style of living, but there is some common thing ruins the human life.

Some of the things that ruin the people the most are Mobile Devices, Television, Movies, Songs, Chat, Shop, Drive and lots more.

Everybody in their life may undergo several mysterious sorrows and pathetic feelings at least once in their lifetime.

These awful things are set to vanish from the person’s life once he/she watches a movie, hear a song, travel far away, plays with kids, sleep well or do nothing.

The free movie apps for Android phone will be discussed in this blog post ideally to stress-free the mind as well.

A study enumerates that watching movies and hearing memorable songs would eliminate the negative thoughts and anxiety during the hurt situation.

You might wonder, how watching movies and hearing songs would debug the anguish?

The reason behind this algorithm is that it stimulates the brain waves and alters the mindset for a while to get back the normal position.

It would be happy enough if you could carry a mobile phone for music and stay relaxed. 

The usage of the mobile device is a recent trend, and that could make a positive way to watch the cinema films through the online movie watching app. 

This article would express the users pick the best movie app for Android.

I have handpicked 10 best free movie streaming apps for your Android devices that will stress-free your busy life.

10 Best Android Movie Apps For Free

The listed Android applications for watching HD movies are grouped based on the features and the real-time experience with the users.

The brief analysis and reviews of the best fantastic movie streaming Android applications explained below.


1. Showbox

Showbox is absolutely a best free movie streaming application without creating flaws with your handy Android device. It comes with tons of Movies, TV Shows, Series of Documentaries and lots more entertainment in a single application.

The sad truth is that this app isn’t available on the Play Store due to the Piracy issues. You can download this app for free movies as an apk file and install it on your Android Phone for watching free movies and shows. You can download movies with desired quality as well.

This is the best free movie download app for Android as you can get the movies with desired quality on your Android device. 

Download Showbox

2. Crackle

Crackle Movie streaming Android application is also a popular one which is owned by Sony Pictures. This application is a genuine and contains lots of Hollywood Movie Collections & 20000+ video content to watch for free.

The category also helps to navigate to the right taste of the viewer. I would say that the Crackle is one of the excellent apps to watch movies, Anime and Manga collections for full entertainment.

You can also keep an eye on your favorite content and save it in the watch-list to stream it later. It is accessible with multiple devices for a group of action to perform while enjoying the streaming.

I also want to let you know that the Crackle is one of the best movie sites to get the unlimited entertainment on the web. 

Download Crackle

3. Hotstar

Hotstar is a growing and aspiring Android application which is most popular in the Asian-Pacific region. It helps to stream HD movies, TV Shows, Reality Shows, Documentaries and even more for free.

The best part is that you can watch the Sports and the live actions of Cricket for free without any interruption. This android application is the best movie streaming app.

The HBO collaboration adds more value for this film streaming android application to the next level than before.

Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and other HBO subscribed shows are popular among this application. It is worth trying for your entertainment purpose.

Download Hotstar

4. Hubi

Hubi is a very light simple interfaced movie and video streaming application which is capable of capturing the links from any third party streaming sites to stream flawlessly.

This best free movie app for android streams some of the popular media streaming sites including PutLocker for HD Movies collection. It is entirely free of cost for accessing the contents.

Download Hubi

5. Tubi TV

It is one of the best free movie apps for android tablets and android phones. The High-Definition experience guaranteed without any subscription locks for the viewers.

The queue option helps the streamers to add the list for later viewing of their favorite movies. Also, Korean movies can be streamed perfectly with this application. It can be sync between Xbox, Chromecast and Smart TV also.

Download Tubi TV

6. SnagFilms

The best feature of SnagFilm is that you can stream the video content with less advertisement. This Android application also contains matured adult movies and videos too.

The Classic Movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, Nollywood, Spanish and also African content can be streamed without any restriction. This Android application is also capable of delivering documentaries along with 5000+ Movies & TV Episodes.

Download SnagFilms

7. CinemaBox

CinemaBox is similar to Showbox movie android application and has the offline mode for the future viewing purpose. Its early release was PlayBox HD.

The subtitle, Kids mode, and HD quality features bring attractive entertainment for the people those who looks for where I can watch movies for free?

This application also supports Chromecast and treats the users with new updated movies and video contents.

Download CinemoBox

8. Netflix

Netflix is a first well-playing movie streaming app that exists for several years. The hard thing is that it requires paid subscription package for streaming the quality movies and TV Episodes. 

This application bundles with Full HD experience and the variety of Movie Contents available for entertainment.

The 30 Days Free Trial is available for the users and providing VCC – Virtual Credit Card would make risk-free Subscription. It is worth checking for real streaming of movies on your Android Device.

Download Netflix

9. Viewster

It is one of the awesome free movie apps for Android phone that brings magical entertainment with the Movies, TV Shows, Anime and Reality Shows in a single place.

This Android application doesn’t show up advertisements that irritate the people indeed. There isn’t any forced sign up process for using this fantastic movie app.

The watch later option, Geek documentaries, Simple Navigation and Chromecast support, brings productive entertainment for sure.

Download Viewster

10. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is one of the best free movie streaming apps for your Android device. This application works by 3rd party’s film search engine function.

Thus very fast servers are available to watch the movies on demand on your handy Android Device. Saving the 1080 HD Movies, TV Shows and Videos for later usage are the attractive functions of this streaming application.

You can download the movies and video content too. The team has promised the telecasting of Anime Movies and Manga Videos in the nearer future.

Download Terrarium TV

Final Words

I hope these Android movie apps for free solve your requirement “Where to watch free movies through the app?”.

Watching and downloading some illegal content/movie may hurt you with the local government policies. So, wisely choose your entertainment days with your handy Android device all the time effortlessly.

I have done my best in collecting the top free movie apps for Android phone to make your life amusing when you feel bored or want to chill out.

What do you think about these “Watch Free Movies Apps For Android”. Which one would you like to download? Share your wonderful thoughts in the comment section.  

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