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Four Office Tricks to Increase Productivity and Decrease Stress Levels

Every entrepreneur knows that the secret to running a successful business is having a great team of employees behind you. If you hire competent, hardworking, and reliable individuals, your business is sure to sky-rocket to success.

However, we’ve all heard of burnout syndrome. Even the creme of the crop will suffer from highs and lows in productivity levels. The office environment can be an extremely stressful place, so we’ve compiled some of the best tricks of the trade.

Here is how you can increase productivity and decrease stress levels in the workplace.

1. Create An Enjoyable Atmosphere

It makes sense, if your work environment is enjoyable, your employees will be happier to come in. Studies show that fun and enjoyable work environments boast of lower absentee and sick days than traditional offices. Positive office space can be created in more ways than one.

For starters, it should be physically attractive, with plenty of natural light and greenery. PureModern offers an array of commercial planters. You can also encourage your employees to add their personal touch to their desks.

2. Set Team Challenges

The environment should also be emotionally attractive and positive relations between colleagues should be encouraged. A great way to increase teamwork and collaboration is by setting team challenges and conducting team-building exercises

For example, you could set up a steps challenge, this encourages sports, a healthy lifestyle, and fosters teamwork. Challenge your office to walk to 10,000 steps every day for 100 days. The prize for the winning team can be a group lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant.

3. Provide Learning Opportunities

Although you may be running a tight ship, it’s never a bad idea to incorporate some training and education into the office. If you provide learning opportunities, your employees will feel valued and more equipped to complete the job at hand.

Schedule weekly or monthly workshops and training sessions for your staff to sign up for. It will break up the monotony of their workday and also provide them with valuable skills. This helps de-stress staff and boost productivity levels.

4. Avoid Over-Working Staff

Overworked staff is the largest factor that contributes to low productivity levels in the office. Make sure to keep an open line of communication with your employees and ask them to let you know if they are nearing burnout. Work should be fairly delegated across the team in a diplomatic way.

Another way to avoid overworking your staff is by encouraging that they take regular breaks. Let them have at least 45 minutes for their lunch break and try to get them away from the desk. Their eyes will need a break from the screen and some fresh air is a great way to de-stress.

Overall, a happy group of employees will work wonders for your business. When your staff is feeling great, the work they produce will be of a higher standard. This is why it’s so important to avoid overworking your employees and to provide a favorable work-life balance.

5. Take Short Breaks

If you work for long hours, then your productivity diminishes for sure. Take short breaks to refresh your mind by chilling out. You may watch fun movies or listen to mesmerizing songs to soothe your mind and get relaxed.

Taking regular breaks will let you work in a creative way as well. Overworking would spoil your health and lead to stress. You may move around to the coffee shop near your office and sip a cup of tea.


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