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Facebook Presents Embedded Posts Just Like Twitter

Very recently, the social networking giant Facebook unveiled a new charm for its posts. The novel concept that lies in the essence of the Facebook posts is the way they will be shared over the Internet now. Now Facebook users will be able to share their posts on their blogs, websites, or any other place over the Internet. This feature of embedding posts to multiple sources online is believed to be a posed competition from Facebook to another social networking giant Twitter.

Facebook embedded post venus

Twitter made a mark in this genre with its service of Vine, which offered the same embedding of posts to the users online. This introduction of the new feature has brought Facebook and Twitter at front to race for getting the massive amount of users in less time. Aptly known as Embedded Posts, this feature allows the users to include pictures, videos, or hashtags in their posts and share them anywhere over the Internet.

According to the Facebook software engineers, Dave Capra and Ray He, the introductions of the Embedding Posts will bring the timely and the most convincing posts to the web by many people. Facebook is bombarded with numerous and huge number of posts every day by people belonging from different and all walks of life. As diverse as journalists, celebrities, public figures, and regular people share their thoughts and ideas on Facebook every day, which makes the coming success of this new feature highly anticipated.

This feature lets people like and share their large number of posts directly from the Embed, as said by Facebook on its Newsroom. A notable mention here is that only the posts that are marked as the public can be shared over the Internet by the users. An illustration that was given by Facebook to launch the service was the official British Monarchy Page, which included the pictures of Duke and Duchness of Cambridge with their newly born son.

Facebook embedded post

A large number of users, who belong to a particular domain, for example, several journalists share and posts long information and detailed analysis of the world’s events occurring every day. This makes the usage of this service great and gigantic. The success of this feature surely depends upon the number of people coming in its favor. Clearly, Facebook has embarked on its mission to increase the already existing global visibility and recognition by an ever larger amount.

With the people using touch sensitive devices such as tablets and smartphones, Facebook makes sure to capture and grab all the plus points by using this feature. Since, people at present use Facebook on these devices very smoothly, the embedding of the posts will also be another smooth process for them. Owing to these facts, the Embedded Posts can surely see a major success and Facebook stands a great chance to stand neck to neck with the Twitter Vine feature.

The Twitter Vine has allowed users to embed their tweets and also the short video sharing service has enabled its users to embed Vines. Whether, it is the sharing of the Embedded posts in Facebook or it is the sharing of the Embedded Vines online, the main aim of all these services has been and will be to motivate users’ engagement and get more new users by being more visible over the Internet.

In addition, the users can click the ‘See More’ link to view the full post and see the full commentary. People can also click ‘Follow’ to subscribe to more posts on the Internet. The key advantage of these embedded posts is that they get updated wherever they are on the Internet, when you comment on a post or like a post.

This great feature is coming out of the shell slowly while Facebook has proclaimed that the users’ personal accounts will gain access to this feature shortly.

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  1. Thanks to Facebook for enabling us to embed posts in our website. We can now even embed FB photos and videos in a similar manner.

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