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Top 8 Fast Emerging Online Jobs

Nowadays, internet became an imperative part of our life and almost everyone is having net access at their home or at least on their smartphones. Internet has a wide range of money-making opportunities for the people who wanna work from home. Not only the professionals who are computer savvy, even the average knowledge people can earn income on the web.

I was the one who desired to make income from home and tried some computer jobs from home, online jobs data entry, online work without investment, social media jobs and much more. But I’ve started to make residual revenue from online writing jobs and blogging. Fiverr and iWriter are the core websites which helped me to shape my skills.

I love to surf the web and now I came to list the best emerging online jobs through this post, so that you can expand your skills related to these jobs to make huge income at home.

8 Fastest Growing Internet Jobs

Check the following online money making jobs that are growing at a rapid rate!

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1. 3D Design Jobs

3D designing jobs is one of the quickest budding jobs on the internet. To create striking 3 dimensional visual images, variety of industries and individuals requires 3D animators and graphic designers and the employment demand is expected to increase in this career.

If you’re the one who have a bachelor degree in computer graphics or graphics design and basic knowledge to produce 3D graphics, visual effects and animation, you may check the following websites to make money with online graphic design jobs.



2. Android/iPhone Developer Jobs

Nowadays, Android/iPhone users are rapidly increasing. If you’ve learnt certain programming languages, you may create exciting apps to reach millions of people with the help of development tools. To become an Android (iPhone) developer, you must be aware of XML and Java programming (For iPhone – C Language and object-oriented programming experience) and follow the design guidelines.

Many companies need motivating individuals with good organizational skills to work as an Android/iPhone developer. Below is a useful link to get online jobs related to Android/iPhone developer.

Apps Jobs

3. Logo & Photoshop Design Jobs

Designing a logo is the first step of every business to create brand awareness. Thus most of the businesses are in search of a good logo designer with Photoshop design skill to grab more eyeballs for their product/service. Creativity is more important in this trendy online job and you should have admirable proficiency in Fonts, Text positioning, Color and Format options to meet the client’s expectation.

Furthermore, you need to use right tools to produce exact result. If you have the above mentioned virtues, then you may earn a decent online income through the below genuine websites.




4. User Testing Jobs

User testing is one of the fastest growing internet jobs where you’ll play an important role in the progress of fresh websites/IT programs. If you’ve good communication, presentation & writing skills along with ability of understanding the software development process, you may get a job as software tester. To work as a software tester, you should have vast awareness in any of the programming languages like PHP, .net or Java.

Also, you can make money online as a website tester by writing your experience about a website required by the site owner. Furthermore, you may work as a mobile tester by giving on mobile devices. Following are the helpful sites to earn with user testing jobs online.



5. Telemarketing Jobs Online

Some organizations need people to contact businesses and individuals to promote & sell their products/services over the telephone. To generate more sales leads, administrative support, database management and for setting appointments, they need efficient people as telemarketing agents to establish closer contact with consumers.

If you have a high school diploma or equal degree, strong telephone skills and excellent communication skills to deal with the people, you can earn enduring online income from telemarketing jobs by providing high-quality customer service. Check the beneath websites to join as a work from home telemarketer.




6. Social Media jobs

social media jobs is one of the top emerging online jobs as the social networks play a vital role in digital marketing and advertising field. Most of the businesses are using this inexpensive media to gain reputation for their brand and thus they show keen interest to hire full-time employees as social media manager, community manager, marketing analyst, content creator, social media specialist and so on.

Your curiosity in interacting people can be improved as a skill to get social media jobs online. If you learn the art of managing, gain your knowledge in basic stuff like video & image editing, WordPress/html program and network with like-minded people, it is more like to earn a steady online income through social media jobs. Below are the websites to locate social media jobs online.



7. Online Advertising Jobs

Internet advertising is more effective and less expensive than traditional advertising. Thus, most of the businesses hire people to advertise their product/service through social networks, mobiles, emails etc. Measuring online advertising result and reaching targeted audiences are major advantages of online advertising.

If you’re ready to put your marketing efforts, you may perform online advertising careers like advertising specialist, Event manager and Media planner etc. There are no specific websites to find online advertising jobs, so you may make use of the below freelancing website and job search site to find advertising jobs online.



8. Blogging Jobs

Bloggers are earning huge money through niche blogging, affiliate and Adsense programs. Companies also have blogs to give updates about its new ventures or special notices to its clients and to interact with them through social media. Thus they need people with freelance writing skill or social media enthusiasts to develop their blogs.

If you have interest and talents to get involve in ghost writing and social networking, you may prefer to do blogging jobs online. You may make use of the following WebPages to work with blogging related online jobs.



Final Words:

If you’re limiting the use of internet only to have social media chats, interpret breaking news and to get pleasure from entertainment, then I’d say that you’re missing a great opportunity to earn money online. Not only the above revealed ways, there are a wide variety of emerging online jobs like online teaching jobs, online translation jobs, telecommuting jobs, online research jobs etc. are being opened on the internet to meet the monetary benefits by working at the comfort of home.

What is your opinion about these fastest growing online jobs? Do you have work experience with any of these top online jobs? Share your views through comments!

Stay tuned to grab more online money making opportunities through this blog.

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  1. Hi Nirmala ma’am,

    Nice post Indeed. As internet has become so much prominent in our lives, so it will definitely create more jobs. If Wikipedia is to be believed, China, India and US are the top internet users.

    Everything is turning digital. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    – Rohan.

    • Hi Rohan,

      I’m completely agreeing your views about internet and yes, we are one of the top internet users. I’m having a post on my blog specifically about the internet users. I too hope the same that the innovative online jobs will be introduced.

      Thanks for getting time to read my post, keep showing your regular presence here 😛

  2. Online jobs are emerging day by day and it is definitely going to be a good time for those who have the skills to perform any type of online job. I am doing blogging, but I will definitely like to learn logo designing in future. Nirmala I think that you too can try out other online jobs soon. I know time may be a restraint for you, but you definitely have lot of knowledge to get success with anything.

    • Hi Mohit,

      Yeah, I know you’re a blogger 😛 Just kidding!

      Sure, after getting involved in logo designing job, don’t forget to share your experience here. Yeah, I’d like to do some online jobs according to my interest, but I do have more responsibilities at home. But will try social media jobs online.

      Your interest in leaving the comment on my post is truly appreciated, stay tuned 😀

  3. Hi NIrmala.

    Nice post as always 🙂

    You’ve mentioned some good areas of earning as well as the references sites are too good. Thanks for sharing !!


    • Hi Ashutosh,

      Thanks for reading my post. I don’t like to write blog posts like legal documents. I’d always like to help people and thus included some useful reference links for them. Thanks again for your support through comment, keep coming 🙂

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