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Taking on design using the best electronic circuit design software

The secret to coming up with brilliant PCBs ready for mass production is using the best electronic circuit design software.  However, this truth is often confronted with accusations of being too costly for freelance designers lacking deep pockets.  Users who’ve tried different freeware PCB software know that the final product may end up causing untold frustration.

Faulty PCB software may drive a user to make layout errors such as producing prototypes lacking vias. This arises since the PCB software has inadequate component libraries and shoddy design monitoring capabilities. Another crucial mistake attributable to unreliable PCB software is using wrong component sizes.  Where the measurement scale ratios on the circuit board interface are incorrect, the designer will be misled into picking components that take up too much space.

Common misconceptions about electronic design software

Below are some wrong assumptions users make when using PCB software. These mistakes lead to failure, but you can easily avoid them by reading the list below.

1. Components can be placed anywhere on the circuit board

All PCB software adhere to universal fixed electronic principles. Violation leads to failures such as improper power distribution, which causes overheating of certain components. When components are placed too close to each other, it creates noise.

2. One design fits all

Different companies produce PCB software targeting various clients. Users have to make difficult decisions when purchasing PCB software due to the existence of hundreds of different brands. It is, therefore, wrong to assume that your manufacturer is conversant with your particular PCB brand before consulting them.

Features of an excellent circuit design software

· Saas and offline use

Saas (Software as a service) is a feature that allows users to create designs and access all features of PCB software on a website rather than downloading and installing the software. Designers who are always on the move can utilize time on the road to continue with pending projects and save progress online.

· Online community of users

Sometimes, the answers you‘re looking for aren’t available in your PCB’s offline Help resources. The Customer care support team may also be unavailable for a swift response, yet you need to beat a deadline.

Using PCB software that grants a user access to join an active online forum of other users is great because one can receive swift answers to questions asked out in the open.

· Large component library

Having access to various components is necessary to design correct PCBs.  When you cannot find a certain component locally, you can always count on the library for readily available alternatives to your PCB.

· Widely acceptable by manufacturers

Manufacturing is a crucial stage to any PCB designer because it converts prototypes into products for end users.  Using PCB software recommended by renowned PCB manufacturers smoothens mass scale production because the company has clarity on expected end product.

Final thoughts

Always take advantage of free trial periods before purchasing PCB software. Doing so allows you to test out various features and their effectiveness in delivering your expected outcome.

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