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EE Tips to keep in mind before buy an iPhone

Are you planning to buy an iPhone recently? Are you intrigued to know better about the phone? Do you wish to know, what are the things you should keep in mind before making the big deal? Well, think no longer, as the lucrative benchmarks incorporated in the following paragraphs, are sure to assist you in this regard. 

Things To Consider While Buying An iPhone

Simply dig into the lines to have a better grasp about the matters when buy an iPhone

Amazing wireless technology

You will be endowed with amazing and probably the most well defined wireless technology with the new iPhone 4G. You can easily enjoy smooth and interruption free internet browsing with the aid of these EE 4G smartphones. This 4G feature is available both in iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. However, the features are pretty more advanced and well defined in iPhone 5. Thus, make your pick wisely and competently.


Extravagant deal

Yes! The iPhone turns out to be a pretty extravagant deal which will cost you a bit too much. In fact, according to latest records, this is the priciest Smartphone in town. The latest version of the iPhone 5 will cost you around $199 or more. Thus, buy an iphone only if you have a bit too much to spare.

High resolution picture quality

Both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 boasts an amazing and high definition picture quality. The former is endowed with a 5 megapixel camera and the latter boasts an 8 megapixel camera. Each of the cameras, click amazing pictures, which are vivid, vibrant and lifelike. The video quality is equally good. However, the iPhone 3 and other lower versions of iPhone lag behind, in the race of well defined and distinct photographs. Thus, if you are a photography enthusiast and if you plan to invest your money on an iPhone, then ensure that you opt for the latest versions of the phone.

Strong battery life in iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is undoubtedly the best and the most well featured product from the iPhone. It not only comes with myriad features regarding camera, multi-touch and 4G networking, but is also equipped with a strong battery life. This is somewhat missing in the lower versions of the iPhone, and, according to some, the latest iPhone 5 too, disappoints you in this regard. So, if you deal with many apps all at once and require a strong battery life, then opting for the iPhone 4S is a lucrative decision.

Repair issues

Before purchasing any version of the iPhone you need to keep the repair issues in mind. iPhones will cost you a considerably huge sum for repairs. And even though, the latest iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are endowed with Gorilla class technology, there are ample chances of breaking the phone screen. Hence, under such circumstances you have to pay huge bucks to apple for getting your phone repaired. 

Amazing design in iPhone 5

Each of the iPhones, have been upgraded with the advent of time. However, the latest iPhone 5 version stands out from all other Smartphones and iPhones with regard to style and appearance. The phone comes with a stunning appearance and proper finish that actually lures you to purchase the product. Thus, if you are a design fanatic, then make sure that you get hold of the latest version of this product.

Thus, all in all, we come to know, that each of the iPhones, have some pros and cons. Thus, do not forget to glance through these guidelines before you buy an iPhone. This will not only refine your choice but will also help you to take the correct and the most viable decision. 

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