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Scholars Learn Better From A Book Than Screens

We admit the growth of technology, and the current generation has a privilege to grow to access the internet, tablets, computers, and smartphones. Everyone involved in education certainly embraces the influence of technology and responds in a particular direction. There is increased outlay in classroom technologies where learners are equipped with IPad to access learning materials and textbooks. The trend …

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5 Popular Software That Help Students Finish Research Papers

Academic research work can be challenging to a student writing their first. Completion of research papers is the final stage in a long process of data collection. Academic research is a serious project that requires proper planning, funding, tools, staffing and time management. This can be challenging if not properly addressed, and the best solution is the use of the …

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5 Online Personal Finances Courses Worth Investing In

A vital part of getting your personal finances under control is understanding how finance works; hence these five online personal finance courses that are worth investing in this year. Created by financial experts, these courses will help you get a grip on spending, budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and much more. There’s even a free course that only requires an investment …

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