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eCommerce In 2018 – Are You Clued Up?

It goes without saying that eCommerce underpins everything we know about purchasing in the modern world. The industry grows every year, with its subsidiary, mobile commerce, expected to grow to over $600bn by 2019.

For those looking to make money online, you need to be up to date with the latest trends.

2017 has shown us how crucial user-friendly eCommerce interfaces are in addition to the ever-increasing versatility of selling your wares online.

6 ECommerce Trends That Gonna Be Rock in 2018

Going into 2018, these are the trends that will boost you if you stay on top of them.

1. Reseller Toolkits

One of the beautiful aspects of websites like eBay, Amazon and more is that they enable the everyday user to sell their goods in an incredibly easy way, taking away the overheads of traditional business ownership.

However, with the saturation of the market ever increasing, many vendors find it difficult to get their products out there or find them swamped by the best performing institutional online outlets.

In 2017 and moving into 2018, we’re seeing an increase in bespoke e-commerce optimization toolkits where experts proffer their services.

2. Email Commerce

Anyone who has signed up for a website or bought a product online will be familiar with the spam sent through to emails.

While these are frustrating, it’s notable that email is the most prominent e-commerce driver, superseding all social media markets in its influence on potential buyers.

As a result, more and more retailers are using 2018 to convert their emails into a secure environment in which a purchase can be made without even leaving your inbox, enabling faster and more streamlined customer experience.

3. Mobile Commerce

Like Email commerce, mobile commerce is expected to increase. Yes, as you know that the smartphone users and usage keep on growing, the products/service sales are more likely to happen through the mobile.

Specifically, the Augmented Reality (AR) will be excellent in 2018. The businesses would use the VR technology and allows the buyers to visualize the items through their mobile phones. 

4. Voice Optimization

Voice searching and device control have been seen as a bit of a gimmick due to perceived inaccuracies and clunkiness.

However, as the breakthrough devices from Amazon and Google have this year shown, voice recognition is vastly improved from when it was first pushed.

The result is more retailers looking to use voice recognition for seamless ordering in e-commerce applications. The Chinese authorities have even used voice recognition in Shanghai public transport stations.

5. Social Commerce

Just like Email and Mobile commerce, the eCommerce through the social media tends to grow and yes the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have increasingly become a selling platform for the retailers. 

It would be better to integrate/create the social networks to your online stores and add the targeted followers to the social profiles. 

6. Image-based & Browserless Shopping

Similar to voice search, people would show a keen interest in shopping online through the image-based search. Thus the visual search tool is going to rock on the eCommerce web.

Browserless Shopping? I meant – App based purchases! it is already trending and it will continue to boom on the internet. 

 Wrapping Up

eCommerce will only increase as more and more of the world get online. However, that means it will just innovate.

For the person looking to grow their business and get ahead, keeping yourself aware of these trends and adapting to them will see you benefit in the long run.

Focus on speedy shipping, social media engagement, list building, mobile responsive and other recent eCommerce trends for 2018 that gonna make the online shopping easier and smarter. 

Do you have any priceless thoughts to share about the future eCommerce trends? If yes, use the comment section; let’s discuss. 

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