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The review about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

“Last night, I was browsing through my last year’s field trip photos and boom, in a flash everything was gone. I could not access the folders or files and I had a bad feeling inside. What will happen now?”

Does the above scenario sound real for you? Well, every one of us has gone through this terrifying experience of losing important data from our computer. Today, I am going to review the best recovery software in the market. This data recovery software can easily relieve your pain for losing your precious data due to faulty hardware, software malfunction, delete by mistake and other tons of scenarios.

The tool that qualifies for the best recovery software is an EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a simple and intuitive tool that helps you to recover data and information, without any knowledge of computers, whatsoever.

Data is precious, it can be anything ranging from the work documents, saved game files to photographs that capture the old memories. And, the best part of using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is that it works extraordinarily well with an array of different storage media including hard disk, pen drive, micro SD cards, digital camera, mobile phone or even a music player. The capacity to work different media makes it one of the  best data recovery software in the market.


The only limitation that the free version carries the recovery limit of only 1024 MB of data. After the consumption of the data, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

The tool comes with two different sets of scanning modes. The scanning modes are deep scan mode and quick scan mode, each carrying its own advantages. The quick scan mode is used to find deleted files, whereas the deep scan mode is used for formatted or corrupt data. The deep scan mode is a powerful mode that can recover data from a crashed hard disk as well.

The recovery mode is clear and simple. The first step includes opening up the tool and selecting the file type you want to recover. There are tons of file type supported by the data recovery software. They are graphics, audio, document, video, email and others. Once, you have selected the type of the file to be recovered, you need to tell the tool where to look for the lost files. It can be any partition on your hard disk or an external media storage.


The third step includes scanning and previewing files before recovering. All these steps take less time, with scanning time depends on the size of the scanned media and other factors.

Whenever I lose any data,  the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is always my first choice of recovering my lost files. The software is free (with a limit) and has a powerful wizard to help the recovery process. The interface is the biggest asset of the software, which helps navigation easy and intuitive.

Must try for anyone, looking to get started with data recovery. Undoubtedly, the best data recovery wizard for both technical and non-technical users.

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