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Earn Money Hanging Out on Social Networks [It’s not a Joke!]

Modern people became obsessed with social networks. How many social accounts do you have? How many times a day do you check them out? We got used to communicate, search for information, ask for advice, tell our own life stories, make friends, get acquainted with our future partners, and do many other things on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Don’t you think that our life would be different without social networks? They save us from boredom and loneliness, let us share our thoughts with the community of the like-minded people.

But social networks are not about fun only. You can continue to spend some time there if you like and make money at the same time. The most successful companies consider social media an essential part of their marketing campaigns.

In this article, I will tell you how to combine business with pleasure. Did you hear anything about TemplateMonster and their Social Stock Contest?

Not much? Ok, then, this blog post is going to be really useful for you. Who knows, maybe it will even change your future for better.

Let’s start with the company that carries out the contest. TemplateMonster is the oldest enterprise in web design and development industry.

It was launched back in distant 2002. Since then, TemplateMonster has grown up into a huge marketplace with more than 46 000 items in stock and more than 400 skillful nerds working day and night to improve the www.

It seems as if these guys have a simple solution for every business niche, for every popular platform: WordPress, HTML5, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, Moto CMS, etc.

But what is Social Stock Contest about?

Social Stock was designed to help people around you quickly get on the online market and save some money. You can be the first one to tell them the great news and get the best prizes for being a good friend.


You have already understood some basic information about the contest from the video. Would you like to dig deeper? Well, just read on and get to know the details.

Why should you participate in Social Stock Contest?

Because it’s advantageous. Here’s the list of prizes you can get for free.

  • $100 on PayPal – this is real money, you can buy anything you want, you get them on your PayPal, PayPal is recognized worldwide
  • Smartwatch Pebble – waterproof to 5ATM fresh and saltwater, iPhone and Android compatibility, instant notifications, long-lasting charge
  • iPad Mini 4 – 7.9-inch Multi-Touch display, high-resolution retina screen, 331 g weight, over 475,000 other incredible iPad apps
  • iPhone 7 – 4.7 inches display, 250 hours of battery on standby, high-resolution screen, 8 MP camera
  • Canon EOS 6D – full-frame 20.2-megapixel sensor, Full-HD video, lightweight construction, inbuilt GPS
  • MacBook Pro – powerful Intel Core i5 processor, 13.3″ display diagonal, SSD, 8 GB RAM, only 1.6 Kg weight
  • Harley-Davidson Street – liquid-cooled, revolution X™ V-Twin Engine, ideal for urban life, luxurious paint-and-lacquer coating, high stability, and comfort while driving
  • Tesla Model S – world’s electric vehicle #1, smart-card ignition, 17” display with internet access, touch screen navigation

Are you impressed? Let this information sink for a minute. Please note that lots of people are already involved in the contest, they win prizes, so it’s time for you to take action.

What prize would you like to win? Herein under I will tell you how to do this. It’s really simple.

First of all, apply for registration in the contest.

TemplateMonster will give you a 10% unique personal promo code for all their products. Share this promo code with friends who want to launch their own websites on social networks.

They will be happy to get a 10% discount on the product they need. You will get your points for every purchase made with your promo-code.

Check how many times it has been used and choose the prizes accordingly. That’s it, time to enjoy the prizes, your life and the fact that you’ve helped your friends to start their own website.

Seems easy as ABC, isn’t it? TemplateMonster will even provide you with awesome tools for creating buzz on social networks.

They are: memes for social networks, text messages, different samples of ready-made messages, a quick solution of sending the promo-code to all the contact list at once.

But that’s not the end. It’s really easy to sell TemplateMonster’s products. People will be happy and grateful to you for sharing your promo-code with them.

You already know that the company is famous, time-tested, and experienced. They are doing business on the market for almost 15 years already. The team of their developers is highly professional, so their products are of the top quality.

What’s more, TemplateMonster tracks all the latest trends in web design and development industry to apply them in their templates. That’s why their products are so good-looking and feature-rich.

Right below you will see only 5 examples of what they are producing. I’m sure you’ll be in rapture, just like your friends on social media.

I’m sure you already know what prize you would like to get for your efforts that are actually more fun than tiring.

That’s great! Now think about the money you can make, the gadget or the vehicle of your dream and start collecting your points.

Keep in mind that every sale/point brings your dream closer to you.

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So, have you checked the details of Social Stock Contest from TemplateMonster? Would you like to take part in it?

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