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Update Your Windows Drivers With Driver Booster

Do you wanna maintain your system for optimal performance? Check the details of Driver Booster.

About Driver Booster

Driver Booster is a tool used for updating the out-dated device drivers for Windows. This tool helps to identify the out-dated device drivers and download the latest version of widows drivers from cloud library. It also creates the system restore before installing the new driver. This splendid tool is much beneficial for novice PC users as it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use.

The rating is given as 5/5 stars. It is a simple to use application which is of small size and an efficient utility that allows the user to scan & update all the device drivers found on their computer. It manages the driver to know about the out-dated drivers and aids to upgrade the latest version of the Windows drivers.

Why to update windows drivers?

Out-dated drivers would make your PC to run slow and hence it is essential to update the system drivers. Moreover, to avoid crash problems and enhance the stability of  PC, out-dated drivers should get updated. 

Remarkable features of Driver booster

• Simple interface with smooth driver updates.

• Helps to identify the out-dated drivers.

• Update the maximum hardware performance.

• Fast, easy and secure to use.

• Boosts the PC performance.

• Create a system restore point before fitting any software update.

Different Driver boosters are available in the market. It protects the PC from hardware failure, crashes and slow performance. The out-dated drivers can be detected by clicking on scan button. Then you may hit the update buttons to update all the out-dated drivers. This tool is customizable and has the option to scan the internet through proxy.

One such driver available in the market is IObit Driver. It improves the performance of the computer by updating the old drivers. This driver is available in both free and premium version that would help the user to get new updates automatically and install the updates individually. And the Pro version helps to do the same and offers the licenses apart from this. It helps to scan all the out-dated drivers and the drivers that need immediate attention will be displayed at the top of the list.


Updating the drivers on the computer needs reboot of the system. To get the regular updates the users may launch driver booster at the start up. Most of driver booster does come for free and its purpose is to identifying the out-dated drivers, update technology and scanning the data. Its work is to update the drivers with one click and hence saving load of time. Good accuracy in discovering and updating the drivers is the notable thing in Driver booster.

New features added in the driver boosters

• Expanded database to support more devices

• Enhanced features for gamers.

• Minor GUI Improvements.

• Smart installation mode and quick driver update

• Driver roll back to restore drivers

• Automatic detect proxy feature

Final words

Driver booster is a convenient tool which is light in weight, secure and perfect key to optimize your Windows OS. Having the driver booster is essential for any PC user as it not only enhances the speed of the computer but also keeps the system protected from failures and crashes. It will completely scan your computer and let you to know about the obsolete drivers. Just you need to click the scan button to start the scanning process and if a driver is out of date, it will help you to download the required updates and installs them. It is an essential tool for any computer user to increase its stability and speed

What is your opinion about this helpful tool to update the drivers of Windows? Express your thoughts on Driver booster through comment.

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