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How To Download Music/Video From YouTube Or Any Other Site For Free?

Ever wondered how to download YouTube videos for free? And, how to get free music online?

I hope everyone should have. We often search for good sites to download our favorite video songs or mp3 songs for free, but most of the times we land up in spammy sites filled with pop-up ads.

So, we wish, we could have downloaded music from some trustable and well-known sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and etc. But as we all know, none of them provide download option by default.

So, today, I am going to show you how to download any video or music from internet media sites for completely free of cost on any Android device.

Here, I will take YouTube as an example, you can apply this method to any other site on the internet.

How To Download Video/Music From YouTube On Android?

There are tons of apps or sites that provide YouTube downloading services, but most of them are either spam or don’t support much of the major media sites.

Hence, I’m going to use the latest YouTube Downloader app for android named InsTube. You can download any music or video from the internet for free using this app.

Also, InsTube app comes very conveniently and it has much easy to use User Interface than any other similar apps.

Let’s have a look at the app and then I will show you how to use the InsTube YouTube music Downloader.

First of all, you need to download InsTube!

best youtube downloader app

But wait, there is something else to know – You will not be capable to find the InsTube app on the Google Play Store as it prohibits their Terms and condition as downloading YouTube videos is not permitted.

You need to download it from the official site of InsTube; you can find the link at the end of this post.

Once you have downloaded the APK of YouTube downloading app InsTube, you need to go to settings and check the option “Unknown Sources” under the Security section.

Wait! Don’t panic, It doesn’t harm your Android device in any way, by checking or turning that option on will let you install apps downloaded from the Internet.

Instube settingssecurity settings instube

Now go to the download folder, and open the apk file and install it. That’s it, now you are ready to utilize the app for downloading music or video from YouTube for free.

Features Of InsTube App

1. Supported Sites

The first thing everybody asks when it comes to online music downloader is, what websites does it support?

You don’t even have to worry about that in the case of InsTube Media Downloader app, it supports a wide variety of online sites. Here is the list of sites where you can use InsTube to download music or video for free.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Soundcloud
  • Vimeo
  • Vine
  • Tune
  • Vevo
  • Sapo
  • Skymovies
  • Vuclip
  • Vid
  • Funnyordie
  • 3gpmania
  • Dailymotion
  • Dailytube
  • Mthai
  • Pagalworld
  • Pinguda
  • Liveleak
  • Metacafe
  • Mrpopat
  • AOL

Enough? Or do you want even more? Don’t hesitate to ask for more sites. Because these are just sites added to the speed-dial inside the app.

You can always add any other websites that are not listed hereby requesting InsTube to support downloading feature on any other new video site. And you know what? You can do this with just a few clicks.

Once you open the InsTube app, you will get to see the speed dial containing all major online media websites.

And along with them, you can notice a ‘+‘ icon on the right-hand side (shown in the below image). By clicking it, you can either import any sites from your Bookmarks or suggest a new one.


On the other hand, you can just use InsTube as a normal browser by adding your preferred site.

2. Private Space

This is a groundbreaking feature that you couldn’t able to encounter in any other similar app.

Private space lets you lock any downloaded music or videos and keep them aside from the unknown users with the aid of passcode.

You can perform all of this just within the existing InsTube app, you don’t require to download anything else from the store to enable this feature.

3. Media Player

It’s not just a YouTube downloading app or browser, but InsTube can also be used media player. You can access any media files stored in your internal memory or SD Card within the app itself.

4. Share Instantly

Liked any video or music on YouTube? Then what you are waiting for?

Share it with your friends on Messenger, WhatsApp or Facebook instantly using InsTube.

So, let’s see,

How To Download Music Or Video From YouTube Using InsTube?

  • Go to Menu and open the app. On the following screen, the speed dial will open.
  • Select the YouTube, it will lead you to the online YouTube site. Browse your favorite music video and open it.
  • Now, on the bottom right-hand side, you already have been noticed a button. Click that button to get started with downloading.

  • If the “Download while only on Wi-Fi” feature is turned on, in the settings of the app, but you are using Mobile data, then you will be asked for whether to cancel the download or not, select the button that is appropriate to your case.

  • Considering, you have clicked the button “Download“. On the next screen, you will find various formats in which you can download the selected YouTube video.
  • Select the format you want. For videos, select MP4 and for Music select Mp3.

  • Here for the sake of the demo, I am selecting Mp3 as the format. Once you have selected, the downloading will get started automatically by the next second.
  • Now in case you want to stop the download, click the download button on the top left side corner, where you can manage all your downloads, you can delete, stop downloading, or play downloaded media.

Wrapping Up

Technology is becoming magic and anything is possible now, that too at the free of cost. I hope that you have come to know the awesome features of InsTube app.

By applying this method you can download music or video from any website on the internet for free. If you take Facebook, simply open your news feed or search the video you wanted and play it, then you will get the download button again at the bottom right corner.  

And you know what to do next, right? What are you waiting for? Just download the music from YouTube or any media site for free of cost. Let us know your experience with InsTube by commenting down below.

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