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How To Get To The Deep Web?

The Deep Web or Dark Web is something about which you may have never heard before. It may be a new term to many but it has been in existence for quite a long time. It has been claimed that the web that is accessible to us is only 4% of the total share. The rest of the share, i.e. 96% goes to the Deep Web.

It is a hidden web which cannot be easily accessed. It has deep secrets and unlawful material over it which requires a specially designed browser to access it. It needs you to be anonymous yet cautious at the same time to safely go through it.

Now if you are wondering about how to get to the deep web, then we will explain it below.

What Is Deep Web?


The Deep Web is the home of the data which is hidden from general web users. This data has been hidden for many years and cannot be easily accessed. This data, which is beyond the reach of normal users, can be accessed by smart people using various tricks and methods.

Usually, the data and the information here are not binding to the law. Mostly, criminal activities are done through the Deep Web. One needs to hide their identity and maintain anonymity if they want to access the Deep Web.

Let us now see how to get to the Deep Web.

What Information Does Deep Web Have?

The Deep Web has unlimited information. This information can range from secret government information to credit card information of a person which can be exchanged for money. You can find a drug dealer, a kidnapper, a hacker, credit card details, as well as other crucial and illegal data on the Deep Web.

It is a different world which is full of criminals. According to a recent research, it has been found that the deep web consists of a total of 7,500 gigabytes of data. This amount of data is so huge that you cannot access the whole of it in your entire life.

It is not that accessing the deep web is a crime. Also, it isn’t the case that accessing the deep web will only land you in trouble. But as a matter of fact, accessing deep web can have various advantages as well. For example, you can browse and read banned books for free on the Deep Web.

One can purchase fake documents, fake identities and even copied information of real people. Although these activities are not legal by any means, nor do we endorse them. But one can take advantage of this to get their things done. Now that we know this, we can better understand how to get to the Deep Web.

What Are The Different Ways Of Accessing The Deep Web?

The Deep Web should not be accessed through the normal browsers. There are special browsers designed to access the Deep Web sites. To know how to get to the deep web, you must know about the basic things through which you can access it. Let’s take a look –

The Browser

The first thing to know if you want to understand how to get to the Deep Web is that you cannot access it from the normal browsers. Yes, it is right. The deep web cannot be accessed from your daily browsers such the Google Chrome or the Firefox. To browse through the deep web, Tor browser or Deep Web Browsers are needed.

It is a specifically designed browser known as ‘The Onion Router’. The Tor browser is a safe and secure web browser made for accessing the deep web. It comes pre-loaded with pre-configured settings which protect the users’ identity on the web.

It keeps your identity anonymous by masking your IP address with a proxy IP and gives you a secure access to the Deep Web.


VPN helps you to keep your identity anonymous. Hiding your identity is of utmost importance while you access the Deep Web. Hence, before you start accessing the deep web, make sure that you have an established VPN connection.

There are a number of VPN service providers which offer you their services for free. Select any one of those. It will provide you with proxy servers and hence keep your identity protected.

The Search Engines

When you are browsing on the Deep Web, then you will require search engines to find your stuff. Just like you need Google or Yahoo to search what you require on the normal web.

Some of the best search engines which you can use to access the deep web are Techxtra, Infoplease, which exists since 1938 and provides information to it users since then. The Internet Archive, DeepWebTech and DeepPeep are few other deep web search engines.

These search engines are very similar in approach and function as Google on the normal web. The major difference between them is that they provide results which exist on the Deep Web.

Steps On How To Get To The Deep Web

To explain how to get to Deep Web in steps, we can check out the following –

  • Choose a VPN service provider and establish a VPN connection to ensure anonymity.
  • Download and install the Tor Browser for free.
  • Make sure that you turn off your JavaScript webcam, microphone and hide your identity perfectly.
  • Close all other browsers and apps on your system. Open Tor browser and optimally configure its settings.
  • Now you have access to the deep web. You can either open any website by checking the websites ending with .onion from the directories, or you can open any search engine mentioned above and put in your query in the search bar.
  • You can now access any website of your choice, but be cautious and careful and do not indulge in any wrong activity on the deep web which could harm you.

The Verdict

So here we have learned what exactly the Deep Web is and what information can be found on it. We learn how to get into the deep web.

We also got to know about the importance of maintaining anonymity while accessing the Deep Web and how we can access it through the Tor browser and the search engines mentioned above.

So go on and access the Deep Web safely with this safe tips and tricks. You should take every measure to prevent your identity from getting leaked.

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