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Decoding Teen Text Prattle

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The new unveiled infographic by Truspy.net is an informative work and showcases various unique terms that are used frequently by teenagers when they are sending text messages from their mobiles along with the exact and correct connotation of those expressions.

The technological advancements have made the gadgets like smart phones, mobile, laptops, and iPhones, more accessible to teens than they used to be before. This increase in the number of mobile phones and tablets being accessible to today’s teens, the teenagers are spending more and more of their time on texting through phone and tablets. It is hard to track those teens, what are they typing and sending as texts to their friends and groups. This has made it all the more crucial for their parents to become additionally concerned about their subjects of discussion.

The reason the parents are not able to track their activities is that the teenagers have devised their own language and codes that seem gibberish and make their parents confused and lost as to what they are texting about. Hence, it is important that parents are aware of such terms to properly understand their teens’ conversation and keep a check on them.

Text messages being exchanged between teenagers and their friends look like a jumble and clutter of apparently incoherent letters, numbers and special characters. Teenagers have successfully created their own exclusive language by using a combination of acronyms, new spellings and generous sprinkling of unusual punctuation marks.

The new released infographic from truspy.net – Decoding Teen Text Prattle depicts some of the frequently used terms that parents must know. Understanding those terms will give them a clear and better idea about what their kids are texting to their friends and keep a check on all those messages.

The infographic also depicts and gives a clear picture of the startling texting habits of teenagers in the United States. The infographic also demonstrates the ways in which parents exercise control on the usage of mobile phones by their teenage children. You can also see some of the amazing facts revealed in the infographic, as well, that are related to the accessibility and usage of mobile phones by teenagers in the United States.

A unique infographic introduced by Truspy.net lets you decode the teen text prattle which is quite essential for all those parents who are left confused amidst the symbols and languages that their kids are using while texting through their mobile phones.


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