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Time to Crack Worthwhile Deals Only with DealGuru

AskMeBazaar Unveils DealGuru:

Are you on a shopping spree? Would you like to invest in some hip items, simply sitting in the comfort of your own house? If that’s the case, then it’s high time for you to glance through AskMeBazaar presented website DealGuru. You can steal deals in a very true sense exclusively at DealGuru.

Multiple Product Range:

Any and every item that you would like to purchase right from the very basic day to day household necessity to something extremely lavish, you can have it all at DealGuru. To be more specific, over thousand product categories including the likes of fashion accessories, beauty products, electronic items as well as home appliances and equipments are available for exploration at this portal. The best part here is that each of these products come out of a different seller’s basket and thus the array of alternatives that would be available at your disposal is likely to be very grand. At present, nine hundred plus sellers are known to be associated with this platform.


Authentic Products by Credible Sellers:

You decide to purchase some item online, you go ahead with the transaction, make the payment and eventually when you receive the delivery you are left hot headed, as you find out that the actual product is entirely opposite to the specifications mentioned at the portal in question. Such a discomfited circumstance can be completely skipped at DealGuru solely because the team at AskMeBazaar puts in conscious efforts to personally go through samples that are likely to be put up on sale and only when they are completely sure at their end do they allow deals to go live.

Personalized Service:

One outstanding feature associated with DealGuru is the customized service that they are more than willing to offer to all their buyers. Once you make a purchase at DealGuru, your relationship doesn’t end there. Infact, it’s only the beginning of your association as DealGuru is known to take care of you till the time the product reaches your doorstep. Moreover, you receive a confirmation call once the delivery is made. This helps you stay in the loop till the entire transaction comes to an end.

Room for Product Returns:

Have you ever bought a product online and regretted having purchased the same since you were unable to process a return for the same? If you have been in these shoes earlier, then you can now heave a sigh of relief as DealGuru is known to pay sufficient amount of heed to any genuine product return request that you happen to make. Hence, any time when you shop at DealGuru, you don’t need to worry about the side effects of ending up with a wrong and invalid purchase.

Worthwhile Experience for Sellers:

DealGuru creates a happy environment for sellers as well as it goes ahead and offers them with a ready platform to showcase their products and boost up their sales. Any and every seller out there can easily register him or herself at this particular portal. If found genuine in no time your products will be seen displayed on this website. Moreover, as a seller you can rest assured about the returns that you are likely to receive, because as soon as a delivery ends your payment is sure to reach your account after the necessary pretold deductions are made.

COD & Free Shipping:

Last, but not the least come two other interesting add-ons offered by DealGuru, which include the likes of Cash on Delivery and Free Shipping. If you are uncomfortable making an online payment for the purchase you make, then in that case you can always opt for the COD alternative, wherein you can take your product from one hand and make payment from the other. Similarly, for any product purchase over this medium, you will not be required to pay any additional shipping charge as such.

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