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How To Deal With Bullies At School?

Growing up in a toxic environment can either make or mar a child. A student spends more time at school than they do at home and that is the reason why school should be as comfortable for them as ever.

However, it is not always so because some students make it their responsibility to make other students feel miserable. Usually, they try to oppress anyone that comes their way, and, in the end, they prey on the weakest student.

A lot of students experience this and either end up having suicidal thoughts, feeling depressed, becoming withdrawn, always crying, or, in the worst case, eventually take their life.

Sometimes, these bullied people grow up to become bullies as adults or end up developing mental issues, making them harmful to the environment. Bullies have a way of making you hate yourself and your life.

However, there are ways that you can cope with these set of people to have peace and not run crazy from excessive bullies. Keep reading if you are a victim of oppression at school to learn ways to cope with the tormenters.

Various Ways To Handle Bullies In School

1. Never Suffer In Silence

Do not keep quiet when you start getting bullied. Inform your parents, teachers, friends, a principal in it. The more they know about it, the easier it would be to tackle it.

If you keep it to yourself, your family and friends will never know what you are going through anything, and you will be dying in silence. Keeping it to yourself will eventually begin to affect your schoolwork and your mental state of mind.

When it feels like the bullying is affecting your work at school, employ the services of people who offer custom essays service to write all your schoolwork, while you sort your state of mind out.

2. Avoid Being Alone

Whenever you are walking alone, and you see your bully coming, go another way. If you must pass through, go with your friends. Make as many friends as possible, and always walk with them.

Never go to the bathroom or locker room alone. The chances are that the predator (bully) is lurking around somewhere, waiting for the prey (you). The more they see you with people, the lesser they would want to approach you or bully you.

3. Never Show How You Feel To Your Tormentor

Most oppressors prey upon the feelings or reactions of the person that they are bullying. When they act, and you cry or laugh, it aggravates them, and they would want to do something stupid. No matter what happens, never show an anger outburst. Do not laugh or cry; just keep a neutral face.

It shows superiority and confuses your bully. No matter how much you feel like crying or screaming, hold it in until you are alone in a private place, then you can rant, scream, or cry.

4. Act Like Your Bully Does Not Exist

Sometimes, when your bully is saying hurtful things to you, simply act like he/she is not there. You can keep scrolling through your phone, talk to your friends, or tell the person to give you a second and walk away. If you do that a couple of times, he/she will get the message and stop bothering you.

5. Tell Adults About It

Bullying is not a case to be played with. Not until you see someone harm themselves because they have been bullied will you understand that it is a very serious issue.

Talk to everyone that cares to listen within and outside your school, whether it is the school janitor, your sports teacher, sisters, a banker friend, etc. You can also go for bullying counseling to get better professional advice. It is not a sign of weakness or cowardice but a sign of strength.

Telling them can help the school address the situation, and if the bully refuses to desist from such acts, he/she can then be suspended or expelled.

6. Be Positive

Bullies have a way of making you question your self-worth. Never allow them to get under your skin to a point where you begin to see yourself as whatever negative name that they have tagged you as. Stand in front of a mirror every morning and say positive things about yourself that will make you feel good.

Wrapping Up

Just stay positive and be happy. Never allow the words of a bully get to you and watch yourself live more in peace with everyone, including your bullies.

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