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5 Benefits Of Custom Tape For Your Small Business

Nothing Says Branding like Custom Printed Tape!

Have you ever received a package from a company you placed an order with and been instantly disappointed? Ever have it be because of the packaging the company used?

Today more and more customers and associating quality of a product with the packaging, it comes in. The cheap looking package indicates a cheap and inferior product. The reverse of that also holds a product that comes in a package that time and money were spent on and it must be a quality product.

Small businesses today need every advantage they can get on their competitors. And one way to do that is to package your product in quality packaging. Even the tape used should be thought out.

Check out these seven benefits of custom printed tape for small businesses and blow your customers away.

Why Should You Use Custom Tape For Business?


1. Branding

One of the biggest advantages of using printed tape is branding. As indicated above, presentation matters. And branding your company is a great way to present your company to the world.

Make sure you choose imagery that is associated with your business. For example, company names, logos, or catchphrases should be used.

Promoting your brand helps make your company instantly recognizable to the public. Think the Nike swoosh or Kleenex. The swoosh is immediately identifiable as representing Nike, while Kleenex is a brand of facial tissue and not another name for tissue, though the two have become almost synonymous.

Branding your company and putting your brand’s logo and slogan’s on your printed packing tape.

2. Security

Custom printed tape does provide some measure of security to your packages. Especially if they are being shipped directly to the customer.

By using printed packing tape, it is easy to determine if the package has been tampered with in some way. Unlike standard plain packing tape, printed packing tape is difficult to copy and even more difficult to make look like new.

3. Handling Instructions

Not only can you print your company’s logo and name, but also any special handling instructions. Custom printed tape can be used to either keep in place special instructions or can have the special instructions written on the tape itself.

Keep in mind, however, that if printing on the tape itself the instructions should be brief and straightforward. Think along the lines of common instructions: ‘handle with care,’ ‘fragile,’ etc…

The reason for this is to keep the package from looking too cluttered and unprofessional. After all the whole concept here is to create something that is aesthetically pleasing for your customer.

The same sentiment should be used when placing longer handling instructions on the package. Don’t take away from your package and company with unnecessary material.

4. Cost Effective

Choosing to use printed tape to help with your company’s branding and image can save you money. While eventually, you will want to go with more expensive and better-looking items, in the beginning, the printed tape is just fine.

Spending a little extra on the custom tape for your packages will save you from having to spend even more on custom boxes and other materials. Start slow and small and as your company grows and expands so too should your custom packages.

5. Choices Of Tape Type

One of the advantages is the choices of tapes to choose from. Specifically, there are two types: printed pressure sensitive poly tapes and water activated tapes. Each come with their advantages and disadvantages.

The water activated tapes offer a more seamless appearance with corrugated boxes. The pressure sensitive tapes, on the other hand, are extremely versatile and less expensive than the water activated tapes.

The right tape choice for you is the type which best suits your needs and budget.


Who knew there were so many benefits to customized printed tapes! While the benefits to branding may seem obvious, the others less so.

However, no benefit is less than another. Knowing the cost-effectiveness of choosing customized tapes by providing low-level security and the ability to apply special handling instructions.

Even the two main choices of tapes offer their unique advantages depending upon the needs of your company. While growing and expanding are the goals of the business, and we all eventually want those beautiful looking Apple product boxes, start small.

Save your money and invest in printed tapes, boost your brand, and stand out to your customers all at once!

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