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How To Create Folder In Android?

Are you among those people who love to download and install different apps and games?

Well! If yes, then there is a problem. No, no! The problem isn’t about downloading and installing games or apps; the question is about finding them when in need.

Since almost all the Android phones have a limited amount of space in the Home Screen, you can’t keep all there, and as a result, the rest goes to the app bin.

It is okay to search your favorite app in the app tray but that kind of works okay and not a solution. Why? Well!

If the app changes it a name or the icon, then it throws you off and hence it is not that effective. However, if you are looking for a solid and efficient solution, then why not arrange your apps with folders?

Yes! Here I’m going to talk about How to create a folder in Android and everything about folders.

Tip: Before we start with the article, here is advice for all the readers. The below indicated process/processes would work on every Android Phones no matter which company (Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Nokia, etc.) they belong too.

Step By Step Guide To Create A Folder In Android


Creating a folder in an Android device is quite easy when you are used to it. Now most of the time when we install an app, it directly shows on the home screen as shortcuts but not every time it can happen.

When we have a massive number of apps and games installed, then it is not possible to keep all on the home screen and find one by one. The most natural solution to do is to create a folder.

Step 1: Press the home button which is present usually on the screen of your Android device.

Step 2: Now select an app that you want to merge with another app and create a folder. Once you choose the app, then long tap on it. Now, the app will appear on the Homepage. 

Step 3: All you need to do is just drag the chosen app onto another app where you want both the apps to be. Now this will create a folder.

Suppose, you want to keep all your social media apps together in a folder, you only need to drag one app onto the another, and you are done.

This is how easy is to create a folder in your Android devices. Now that you are done with creating the folders, you need to know how to rename, add and remove apps, moving and deleting folders as well.

How To Name The Folders Created On Your Android Devices?

One of the most important things to know about folders right after creating it is to name it. Yes! Without giving your folders proper name, you will again get confuse while searching for the app you want at the right time. Here is how you can name a folder.

#1. Tap on the folder you created recently.

#2. Now tap on the Unnamed Folder that just popped in the window.

#3. Once done, you will see the option to name it. Now name it according to your wish.


#4. After you have named the folder created, you need to press the button “DONE,” and you are finished

Tip: It is always a great idea to name the folders according to the Android apps present there in the folder. For say, you want to create a folder where you will put in all the email apps; then you must name the folder as “EMAIL”. It will help you to recognize and find the respective apps when in need.

How To Add Or Remove Apps From Folders Of Android?

Another exciting thing about folders is that you can not only create and among folders, but also you can also add or remove apps from it. Here is how you can do it:

#1. Firstly, you need to open the apps drawer and then find the app that you want to put in the chosen folder.

#2. Now select the app and long tap on it by holding your finger down until the home screen shows up.

#3. Once that home screen shows up, drag it over the folder you chose to keep the selected app.

#4. Now let the finger go, and you are done adding the selected app onto your chosen folder.

If you have followed the process properly, the app should automatically be shifted onto that folder. Now you know how to add apps, it is time for us to tell you how you can remove unwanted apps from the folder.

#1. Simply tap on the app’s icon that you want to remove and drag it to the “Remove” area which will be shown on the top of the home screen. 

#2. However, no need to worry as it will not uninstall the app but will just remove it from the respective folder. So you can easily remove and add any apps you want according to your wish.

Likewise, you can also delete a particular folder. Simply tap onto the folder you want to delete, hold and drag it to the Remove button at the top of the screen. Now, you are done with deleting the folder. You can also organize the folders and the apps within it according to your wish at any time you want.


The big question is what a folder is?

Well! A folder is an essential part of any operating system as it allows the users to create and store data and apps in the system they are using. So now that you are aware of how to create a folder in Android phone, you can easily access all your apps without any confusion.

Still having problems? In that case, let me know about your all your queries in the comment section below, and I will be ready to help you out with a possible solution.

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