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Coolmuster – Backup & Transfer Files From iOS To PC At Ease

When looking at emerging technologies, we are seeing a lot of revolutions which have the direct impact on our daily life. People consider the tech gadgets and software as the most important part of their life. We store all our personal data like contacts, images, songs, videos on the amazing gadgets like iPad/iPhone/iPod. So, what would have happened if you ever lost these priceless files from your iOS device? You will become frustrated, isn’t it?

So, we should think in a wise way to backup our data with reliable software, do you agree with me? You might get confused to choose the best product to protect your iOS data as there exists a range of program in the market. So, I came here with a best solution to backup your iPad, iPhone, iPod data in a quick way and it is nothing but an unfailing software, Coolmuster.

Let’s discuss the salient features of this software for iOS device through this post.

Overview of Coolmuster

Coolmuster is a simple but yet powerful software which has ability to transfer your content like SMS, contacts, photos on iPad, iPod or iPhone to PC in a fast manner. It offers tools for filter and search which would help you to find the target files without any difficulty. Moreover, this amazing software is compatible with all generation of iOS devices including the latest releases from Apple like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.


Not only images and contacts, you can transfer songs from iPhone to PC and take backup of Safari Bookmarks, audio book, TV Shows of your iOS device to PC with easiness. There is no doubt that it is a remarkable software to handle data on your computer instead of using any other portable device.

Best Features Of Coolmuster

Below are the finest features of Coolmuster which would let the users feel comfortable in transferring the iOS files.

1. It offers two different view modes for transferring content from iPad/iPhone/iPod to computer. These two modes are thumbnail view mode which shows a mini picture of the content so that it can be easily found and the other mode is a list view mode, which displays the file in main interface along with details file size, file name, time, author name and so on.

2. As it has built-in searching functions, you could directly search for the file just by typing the name of the file in the search box. When you connect your iOS device to your PC, you will see the files are divided into different folders in the left panel of the screen. Now, you can easily find the file according to its type. You may also use the search box on the top panel of the screen by just entering the file name you are looking for and it will directly search and locate the required file for you. If you have hundreds of files, these search functionalities will be very helpful to you since you can save more time with it.


3. You don’t need to worry about the data transfer process with Coolmuster as it is easy to use without any professional skills. With its batch transferring feature, you may export the massive number of files to your PC with just a single click.

4. Registered users will get regular free updates for lifetime. This is one of the adorable features of Coolmuster which would let you feel relaxed about latest upgrades.

5. It is 100% clean software that comes with 30 days money back guarantee and speedy customer service.

System Needs of Coolmuster

To run Coolmuster, you should have PC with OS like Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Be sure to have the processor capacity greater than 750MHz Intel or AMD CPU and 1 GB free hard disk space with 512 MB RAM.

Final Words

You probably know that the Apple devices have a lot of limitations and they don’t allow the users to sync their iOS devices with computer. Sometimes, it may force them to buy the items from the online store. To overcome these issues, it would be good to use a dependable iOS to computer transfer program. Here comes handy professional software, Coolmuster to export all kinds of your iOS data as you wish.

This iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer program is available for both Windows and Mac. As it is available for Mac users, they can transfer music from iPod to Mac with no pain. You may try its trial version or buy at a price of $35.95. So, finally I’d say that is a nice software to backup and transfer files from your Apple devices to the computer with ease.

What is your opinion about this versatile iOS transfer product? Leave your insights in comment section.

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