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Best 10 Code Learning Sites for Kids

Are you looking for the best coding websites for kids? If yes, you have reached the right place to know a bunch of sites that teach computer coding for children.

It is the dream of every parent to have a smart child. It does not happen overnight, as a responsible parent, it is our duty to provide the best resources and guidance so that they generate interest and learn something new.

If your child is fond of technology, then you should encourage them to learn the necessary coding. Basic programming helps the child to learn essential skills and improves the logic building and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, after learning basic programming, the child can creatively express their ideas. We cannot deny the fact that computer science and technology is essential in our lives. It makes our life easy and hassle-free.

The good news is there is plenty of free websites where the child can learn necessary coding and excel in the field of technology.

10 Sites For Children To Get Coding Knowledge


1. Code.org

Code.org is one of the best coding websites for kids to learn all the necessary programming, and it is a non-profitable website which is loaded with many online resources and applications which helps the child to learn to code quickly.

The best part is, Code.org gets updated regularly and biggies in the tech field have a lot of inspirational videos on the main page of the website.

2. Code Combat

The approach used by code Combat is unique; it is similar to online games which teaches the child about Python and JavaScript via text-based programming. The kids can plan various role-play the game and learn the programming language in a fun way.

Once the primary level is completed, the players move to complex coding and withstand a complex set of challenges. Code Combat offers free core levels, and you can also opt for a monthly subscription to avail additional levels. It is the best coding game site for the kids. 

3. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is an ideal choice for 12 years and above kids to learn to code online. The best part is you can avail free trial for a limited period to get a hang.

The course offered by Code Avengers is usually text-based, and it introduces the child to the coding world, the kids can learn web development and languages like Python, JavaScript, etc.

Code Avengers offers several lessons to get an experience on debugging code and moving to next level learning. Kids can also take help from online support team if they have any questions.

4. Blockly

The website Blockly is free for kids and is suitable for kids above the age of 8 years. You can learn the necessary programming codes and syntax at Blockly. Moreover, this website introduces the JavaScripting language via block-based programming.

You can notice the puzzle pieces on screen, each denotes a block of code, and the child is supposed to drag the puzzle and create a code sequence to make a program.

Once the program is done, the child can execute and see the results as well. It is a must for the child to have basis readability to get started, and it works well for a child who does not has any essential coding experience. So, if you are looking for the best free coding site for kids, then it is the right choice. 

5. Kodable

Kodable offers free basic curricular, and it is apt for kids between the age of 4-11 years. There is also a parenting plan which is available for an affordable fee. With this plan, you can get access to advanced curriculum and login from any device of your choice.

With the help of this kids code learning site, you can teach your child basic computer fundamentals as well as coding in a kid-friendly fashion. To begin with, the kids can start with the kindergarten level of games and can gradually progress to reading and wiring easy JavaScripts.

Kodable follows accessible classroom curriculum and has a list of suitable unplugged activities which allows the child to practice coding independently, and they can also access their learning via a quiz.

6. Vidcode

The Vidcode is ideal for kids above the age of 11 years, and it is primarily aimed to teach coding to teenagers using videos and motion graphics.

Students can see the video and code side by side, and once they make changes in coding, you can also see the effect in the video thumbnail.

Moreover, with the help of this excellent coding site for the child, you can also share the done project video on various community and social media channels.

With Vidcode, you can get access to various beginner tutorials and online community for discussion. The free access is limited. You can opt for annual subscriptions to access more features.

7. Code HS

Code HS is another brilliant platform which helps the child to learn to code via video lessons and live tutors. Code HS offers the perfect blend of online classes and quizzes, which allows the kids to access their skills.

To access live tutors, you have to opt for the paid version. It is one of the fantastic coding websites for kids that helps the child to learn computer science, Python, and Javascript online.

The free level consists of limited resources, wherein the paid version you can get access to other features like quiz, lessons, dashboards, and live tutors.

8. Code Wars

This coding for kids website suitable for kids above 14 years who want to learn to code. This website challenges the coders to pursue mastery by completing the various coding challenges online.

At the Code Wars website, the kids can learn various coding languages that include JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Haskell, C#, Clojure, etc. The basic approach followed by code Wars is kata; the child needs to select the desired programming language and showcases their skills.

Based on the skill set, the code is given rank and honor points after successful completion of each challenge. Once the problem is completed, you can also access the solutions provided by other coders.

9. Thimble by Mozilla

Thimble by Mozilla is another brilliant website which teaches coding for free to kids. It is suitable for all the kids above 13 years of age, and the child can learn HTML and CSS online. The kids can create a new project or make changes in the current version.

While doing the project, the entire screen is divided into two horizontal parts, and you can see the preview of the webpage as well as the background coding. This website allows the child to see how coding works.

Moreover, Thimble by Mozilla also allows project preview on smartphone and desktop. You can also share the project online and access to various tutorials.

10. Code Monster

The website Code Monster works well for little monster above 13 years of age. It is a free website that teaches coding to a child through interactive games. The child has enough place to practice JavaScript and syntax.

Moreover, the site offers minimum instructions that include FAQ, online textbooks, and tutorials. In short, Code Monster allows your child to learn programming and syntax in a fun and interactive way.

Wrapping Up

These are ten best coding websites which can teach the child programming language in a fun way. The students can learn and practice computer coding all by themselves.

Based on your child’s age and interest level, you can select the best platform to introduce coding to your child. Almost all the website offers a live tutorial, FAQ, technical support, lessons, and curriculum.

All you need is to select a website which suits your child’s age! Which site would you like to pick and teach coding for children? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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