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Best Chrome Extensions For Shopping & Save Money

Would you believe if I said you could save money by shopping??

Yes. It is true; online shopping is an amazing way to save money and find out great deals.

Availing discount and coupon are super easy, all you need is good extensions which can help you to redeem exciting coupons and earn cash back. Everything is simple and can be done with just a single click.

Extensions can be installed in just a few seconds; it is the best option to save money some extensions are extremely helpful in comparing prices too.

Here is the list of best chrome extension for shopping and saving money online. The best part is, all these extensions are available free of cost and easy to get started.

Many extensions allow great cash back and irresistible gift card deals while shopping online.

Shopping Browser Extensions To Save Your Cash

Chech the best chrome extensions for shopping to install and use!

Chrome Extensions For Shopping

1. Honey

When it comes to popular money-saving Chrome extension, Honey tops the chart; whenever you are exploring and shopping online, Honey extension looks out for the right coupons which get applied automatically when you are making the purchase. The extension fills the coupon code for you so that you don’t miss out saving while you shop.

When you are shopping in online sites like Target, eBay, Walmart, tap on Honey extension, you will be able to notice all the ongoing sales and coupons. Moreover, when you are shopping on the supported online sites, you can earn points which can be redeemed in the form of gift cards and sometimes real cash.

These points are called as HoneyGold, don’t miss to check out these when you shop next time.

2. Cently

While you are shopping online, you can save more and earn exciting coupon code with Cently chrome extension. You get access to the promo code before making the purchase and the best part it, the Cently extension runs in the background without hindering your shopping experience.

The promo code gets added automatically when you make the purchase. The extension is available exclusively for chrome users, make the most of it.

3. Swagbucks

The Swagbucks extension for Chrome allows you to earn Swagbucks when you shop online; it covers some of the prominent e-commerce giants like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and Walmart. The redeeming value of Swagbucks can be converted into gift cars; it provides $5 Amazon Gift Card in exchange of 500 points.

As soon as you download this shopping browser extension, your SwagButton notifies the eligible sites which offer best cash backs. You get exclusive codes which can be used while shopping online. Searching the web with SwagButton can earn you additional Swagbucks. Apart from attractive deals and coupons, you can earn real money via PayPal withdrawal.

4. The Camelizer

If you are a frequent shopper, you will be well aware that shopping at a certain time can fetch great deals. The Camelizer is an amazing chrome extension for shopping which shares the entire price history of product which you are browsing on Amazon site, based on that you can decide when to buy.

Moreover, you can review price drop alert in the form of email or twitter. Add the items to your Amazon Wishlist cart; you will be notified as soon as the sale is announced.

5. CouponCabin Sidekick

This is one special chrome addon for shopping which makes sure you earn hefty cash back and amazing coupons after shopping online. You will be notified with a list of eligible sites when you are searching to buy something online. This shopping extension also provides details regarding the cash back and available coupons.

As soon as you install the CouponCabin Sidekick extensions, you can see the coupons and cash values. Earn $2 instantly as a sign-up treat. It is mandatory to create an account on CouponCabin.com to redeem the cash back. The payments get process from Monday to Friday; the minimum threshold value is just $7.

6. PriceScout

The Chrome browser extension PriceScout works similar to Honey, but it also helps you to compare prices between two items. The extension stays hidden when you are not shopping, the powerful PriceScout efficiently scans more than 20,000 stores and provides you the lowest price and the website.

The coupon notification allows you to save money. For better results, you can combine Honey and PriceScout and finalize a deal.

7. InvisibleHand

This is one of the best online shopping Chrome extensions which provides huge saving when you do web purchasing, book flights and rent a car. It compares and shares the best deal so that you can apply the coupon code. As the name suggests, Invisible Hand extension remains hidden throughout your shopping.

The single drawback of InvisibleHand is it automatically does not apply the coupon code for you, you have to type everything manually as per the suggestions were given by InvisibleHand.

8. Ebates 

Ebates works exclusively for Chrome; it scans overall 18000 stores for best cashback and coupon deals. You get exclusive promo codes, free shipping alerts when you shop with the affiliates.

The best part is, cash back gets credited to your account directly. Moreover, you receive the cash back from Ebates every three months via PayPal.

9. Piggy

Piggy makes redeeming coupon super easy, the coupon code gets added in a single click. It searches more than 3000 stores to bring out the best cash back options and coupon codes. You can avail up to 20 % cash back with Piggy. The cash back can be redeemed via PayPal and check.

10. Qmee

Qmee is a unique extension which pays even when you search. It compares the prices and secures coupon codes so that you can avail exciting cash back offers. You can add more to your wallet by answering surveys. PayPal is used for payments.

Wrapping Up

Online shopping can be pricey, but these browser extensions can make it easy by offering the best possible deals and cash back. Make the most of technology with these shopping extensions for Chrome and save your time and money. 

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