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How to Choose Headphones for Music?

Everyone loves to hear music. If you want to experience the magical feel of the music, there is no way to exclude headphones. You may have home theatres with innovative technology. But it is not able to give you the awesomeness of hearing through a headphone.

Most of us travel a lot. So hearing music is the only way to get rid of the boredom. Gadget’s speaker is not an ideal choice to hear music. There may be many distracting external sounds. Here comes the need of headphones. We can feel the soothing of music without getting distracted if you have a headphone.


8 Things To Keep In Mind To Choose Headphones For Music

Now, I am gonna share a few tips on how to select good headphones for music.


1. Know Your Needs

This is an important step to follow before buying  the headphones for music. Just think why you want a headphone. Obviously because of you want explore the enchanting world of sound. There may be many reasons why you want a headphone. You want a headphone for you travel a lot. Or you may don’t like hearing music from the speaker. Note down your needs and purchase by satisfying all of it.

From this step, you can get an idea about what features you want. Like wireless or with- wire, length of the wire, sound quality and such things.


2. Check The Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the headphones is measured in decibels and it ranges between 80 – 120 dB SPL/mW. Do no go for high sensitive headphones as it will force you to choose low volume setting. If you choose low sensitive headphones for low output power devices, it will result in audio distortion.

To listen to the music from the lower output power devices like smartphones, mp3 players and tablets, it would be good to choose the headphones with the sensitive level of at least 90 dB.


3. Have an Eye on Your Wallet

Budget is always a concern. You can plan a rounded figure to spend after selecting a branded headphones. There is no sense in “expensiveness means quality”. So know the gadgets and its specifications by the reviews of reliable websites (some sites may deceive you with sponsored reviews).

You can buy a superb earphones for around $50 dollar. But headphones are a bit expensive. There are great headphones available under an affordable price range of $75. Or you may get better ones in low budgets. Try to get more quality within your budget.


4. Choose Between Noise Cancelling & Noise Isolation

These two words are confusing. Both of them reduces the external sounds not to intrude into our ears. But by two entirely different ways. That is a vital difference between these two.

Noise cancelling is a technology. Noise cancelling headphones uses microphones to capture the external distractions. Then it sends an opposite wave into the ear. If the external sound wave is positive, earphone sends a negative wave to the ear. Hence, the distraction will be neutralized. But sadly this only comes with expensiveness and doesn’t work if the sound has a higher frequency.

In noise isolation, the external voices are physically blocked. There is a barrier in the headphone between the surroundings and the ear which protects the external noise to enter. Earphones or headphones with closed back are of this type.


5. Do You Need Surround Sound?

Surround sound is a technology to stimulate the impact and effect of music. Earphones and headphones with the surrounding system are made up with more than one speaker (mostly three) per ear. We can get a vivid but unique experience by using this.

If you are an avid gamer or horror movie lover, this one will be going to amaze you. You want headphones only for music, don’t go for surround sound. It may disappoint you.


6. Find Out Dynamic Range

Before buying a headphone, be sure to check its dynamic range. Dynamic range means the difference between the higher frequency and lower frequency that can be generated by the headphone. Be sure to know it before purchasing.

Higher the dynamic range, more is the quality. The highly recommended frequency range for a smooth music experience is 10 Hz- 25000 Hz. Try to get a higher dynamic range within your budget.


7. Good Speaker Size

It would be good to choose the headphone for music with large speaker diaphragm to listen better sound. You may go with the headsets with 50 – 80 mm diaphragm to hear distraction-free music.


8. Test Them Out

We can only shrug the shoulders if we find the purchased headphone is good- for- nothing. It won’t be returned without any issue. So better try the product you want to buy.

Your friends, relatives or neighbors have it. Use your ears and check the specifications. Make sure that you are comfortable with the one you are going to buy.


Final Words

I always love to hear songs and recently bought a branded headphone. Playing songs through laptop/PC speakers carries the problem of hearing the music along with the environment sound, isn’t’ it? So, you may afford good quality headphones for music, what do you say?

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  1. i Never thought about these while choosing Headphones. I only Thinks its Voice is Loud or not.

    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Yes, some people think only about the quality of sound, but there are so many factors to be taken into account while choosing the headphones for music.

      Thanks Ajay for dropping your comment here! Stay tuned!

  2. Hi Nirmala,
    really amazing, i thought only for offers when i bought it :p
    thanks for tips i will apply think about these next time when i am buying any headphones 🙂

    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Yogesh,

      Thanks for getting time to check my post. Most of the people think about the price while purchasing the headphones, but a lot there to be consider. I’ve recently bought one and thus shared my experience. Keep visiting!

  3. Hi Nirmala mam,

    A very informative post about various factors for choosing an headphone. Learned some terms which was new to know. Glad to read this post.
    Just to inform , optimize the images within the post for better view in mobile device ….since I was reading this via android phone.

    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome Justin, good to see you on my other blog. Great that you’ve learned some new music stuff through this post.

      I’ve optimized the image but I don’t know what issue you’re getting while seeing the blog in the mobile device. Anyways, I’ll check the issue. Thanks for notifying! Keep coming to share your thoughts.

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