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Cheap iPhone Cases For Regular Use

A phone is now considered as the most important part of our life. When it comes to mobile phones, iPhone has its own market. People love iPhone for the features and services it offers. And, now with a slimmer and bigger iPhone 6 Plus, the craze of iPhone is increasing day by day.

A case or cover adds the beauty to the phone and also makes it safe for any type of accidental drop. There are a vast number of iPhone cases available in the market at a much cheaper price.

Here are few cheap iPhone cases that you can consider buying for regular use.

Low-priced iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Denim’s iPhone 6 Plus Phone Case (INR 695)

No matter in which corner of the world you live or what time of day it is, Denim’s will always remain in fashion and trend. This trendy iPhone case will match perfectly for your Denim as it features a Denim’s pocket as a design. The rugged Denim’s look will not only make your phone look cool but, it will also protect your iPhone 6 Plus from being getting damaged. As its price is low, I’ve placed it under cheap iPhone cases list.


Cricket Freak iPhone 6 Plus Phone Case (INR 695)

This one is specially made for all the Cricket lovers. Featuring a ball on a cricket bat, this fantastic iPhone case looks fresh and the green background adds more aesthetic beauty to the case. You can show off your love for the Gentlemen’s Game by using this case to protect your brand new iPhone 6 Plus. I would say that it is one of the inexpensive iPhone cases with a gorgeous look that would fascinate the Cricket fans. 


Apple in Leather Print Case (INR 1185)

If you don’t want to hide the Apple’s Logo from the back of your iPhone, you can go to this classic Apple in Leather Print economical iPhone case. It features the Apple’s Logo at the same place where the Logo should be placed. Even though it is not a leather case but, thanks to the stunning finishing that it looks even more original than a genuine leather case. Light in weight and cheap in price, go for this nice iPhone case and you won’t regret it.


Cheap iPhone 6 Cases

Never Stop Dreaming iPhone 6 Phone Case (INR 695)

This beautiful iPhone case is dedicated to all those people who never stop dreaming. It will not inspire you much but, will encourage all the people who will have a look at it. The dark shade of the case looks premium and the case will perfectly fit on your iPhone 6. It is one of the best cheap iPhone 6 cases which is made up of polycarbonate and has a matte finish.


Wooden Rainbow Case (INR 1185)

This iPhone 6 case is colourful. It features wooden finish. It is made up of slim polycarbonate back that can protect the phone from all bumps and drops. If you love bright designs and are looking for a colourful case for your iPhone 6, go with this Wooden Rainbow Case and you would be pleased with the appearance of your iPhone 6. It is my favourite protection iPhone cover in the list of cheap iPhone cases. 


Inexpensive iPhone 5/5s Cases

Football Freak iPhone 5/5s Case (INR 595)

There is a reason Football is the most popular and most watched game in the world. If you are a football lover, you just can’t miss this fantastic iPhone 5S case. There are slots for camera and audio jack that perfectly fits on the phone. The dead cheap iPhone case is designed in such a way that it gives a 3D look that just looks fantastic and stunning.


Workout iPhone 5/5s Case (INR 595)

Attention all fitness freaks. This iPhone cover is just designed for all those fitness freak who spends most of their time in a gym to get that stunning physique. It is one of the top reasonably priced iPhone cases that features “Workout” written in an attractive text at the centre of the case. The weights shown in the case looks cool and will inspire you to work out as much as you can.


Low-Cost iPhone 4/4s Cover

Floral iPhone 4/4s Phone Case (INR 495)

This stunning iPhone cover is for the beautiful girls! It features a beautiful floral design that is capable of attracting anyone of any age. This cheap iPhone case features a matte finish and despite having a lightweight, it can protect your phone all the bumps and drop. I would suggest this low-priced iPhone case for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s users. 


Final Words

You can look out for many more designs and cases on the Internet, but I’ve listed some inexpensive iPhone cases to buy for regular use. I’ll list some websites that offer an enormous variety of cases for all version of iPhones in my next post.

Be it iPhone 5 or iPhone 4, you will get a extensive collection of cases to choose from. If you’re using the latest iPhone, my list with cheap iPhone 6 cases would let you get a good one according to your wish.

So, don’t use your iPhone without a protective case! Grab a cheap iPhone case now!

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