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10 Cartoon Making Software & Websites To Create Your Own Cartoon

There was a time when kids use to make cartoons and parents would scold them for wasting time and efforts. But technology has evolved a lot and thus cartoon making too. 

From just a small hobby to professional business, cartoon making is now a vast field. Everyone love making cartoons and now many people are actually earning money online through this skill. 

If you are wondering how to make a cartoon, then you can take help of some cartoon making software. There are various kinds of cartoon making software available on the web, but most of them are paid or will cost you good money.

However, there exist some free cartoon software and websites where you can create a cartoon in few simple steps. 

So, let’s discuss some cartoon creator tools to make your own cartoon character!

10 Awesome Resources To Make Your Own Cartoon 

Below are the few cartoon making software and websites which can come handy to create your own cartoon. 



If you wish to make your cartoon, then Movavi video editor is a specific software to begin. This cartoon character creator uses simple technique stop motion for the first-time cartoon makers.

Just you need to follow some simple steps like taking photos, adding files to the video editor, including the soundtrack and saving your cartoon. 


Cartoon-generator is a simple tool to make cartoons from your own pictures. Here, some graphic effects can be added to the images to make them look like hand-drawn cartoons.

This easy-to-use picture to cartoon converter allows batch converting multiple images. Even the beginners can use this tool without any trouble as its interface is neat and straightforward. Just try this free cartoon download!


Inkscape is a free cartoon maker which runs on all major platforms. It allows creating logos and artwork right from the start. It can be used to draw cartoons for animation work.

It is capable of converting bitmap images directly into vector images. Another feature of this software program is that it works similarly like Adobe Illustrator and can be used to design websites.


Artoonix is a powerful software to create a cartoon character. If you have a great creative mind, then make use of this cartoon making software create the impressive cartoons of your choice.

You may add your own sound effects here as it has advanced multi-task sound editor. 

Cambridge English Online

It is a simple to use the resource to make cartoons with fun. Just a click is needed to start making the cartoons, and you don’t need to download any files.

So, give a try with this cartoon making software online to create and share professional-looking cartoons.


It is produced by MIT, and it can be used to make some simple & basic cartoons. It is an open source software program and can be used by anyone on any platform.

You can also create animations by using this cartoon making software as it allows you to draw sprites and triggers. Besides, this free software can be used to create games, and you may share your creation with other users. 

Web Cartoon Maker

This cartoon animation software is specially made for animation lovers which allow creating your own cartoon character where you can design things like hair style, face, dress and almost the entire body.

It is completely free to use and is very much addictive. You can even add accessories to your cartoon character.

Cartoon Pho.to

This cartoon maker allows you to use any picture and make a cartoon of it. You can even make yourself a cartoon and add different emotions to it.

The best part of this website is that it allows you to cartoon still life photos which are fun to use.


Toondoo is a popular website since it is one of the world’s fastest ways to create cartoons. Even though this online cartoon maker is a fun source for kids, it is the right place to brainstorm your creative mind to make attractive cartoons. You may take part in the contest too. 


This is the simplest website to use. You can easily upload your photos onto the website and can make a cartoon of them. The site offers a huge number of effects which can be easily applied to the photos.

The best part of this cartoon maker is its simplicity. All the effects are shown just below the picture, and you just need to click on it to apply it to the picture.

You would like to watch the nice video of a Cartoon Maker Software that you can download for free!

Final Words

Technology is now playing a major role in every field, and carton making is not so far from it. With so many advanced tool and simple to use websites, cartoon creation is now simple, and anyone can do it.

Although, to draw a cartoon on paper and to draw in using technology are two different things. So, enjoy making cartoons with these excellent tools and websites which I’ve discussed in this post. 

What is your opinion about this cartoon making software list? Would you like to make a cartoon of yourself or have you tried to make yourself a cartoon? Do you have any experience in creating cartoon characters? Share your views and experience in the comment section.

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  12. my youngest brother is very good in art and i have come to realize what potential he has. the only thing is that i see his talent go to waste and so, i have made multiple searches for a cartoon making software to be able to convert his drawings to real life cartoon characters whereby we could write stories and have this characters act upon them. Anyone who has an idea of the best and yet simplest software to use, please do advice.

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