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Campaign The Game – Review, Gamepaly, Pros and Cons

Introduction to Campaign The Game

Campaign The Game comes under strategy genre and has a very good appeal in its play. The game is all about owning an ad agency and how to run it. So you will be taking charge of the agency and have the job of getting it to maximum heights.

campaign the game review

Gameplay: How  Campaign The Game works?

A strategy game always fascinates me a lot and whatever be the type of game in this category, it simply drags me towards itself. The game we are reviewing here goes something like this.

Campaign starts with the idea of an ad agency. You have an ad agency and it must be run by you with your own experience. You are the sole person who is responsible for this job. You will be designing the ads for various companies. You have to take the orders and complete them. The ads should be of good quality so that it can impress the audience. One fact which I like to mention here is that you should think about which ad will be suitable for which type of crowd. These are very small observations but when they are implemented accordingly then they will surely add to more success. So for example, if you are designing an ad for a chocolate company then you should keep in mind that children are the prime audience for this type of ad.

You are provided with a project list which is feasible to accomplish. The type of product you choose and the success of the ad you make will decide your fortunes in the ad industry. As you gain name in the industry you will be approached by various companies to design ads for them. So this will be the most important point in your game’s work life. If you fail to impress the audiences and your campaign of making the new ads fails, then automatically your rating will drop and this will create a lot of problems for you. So try to evaluate the situation as much as possible and try to cover up things in much detail.

How is Campaign The Game different from other games?

Campaign The Game is the first of it kind, in the sense it is the first ever advertising agency simulator. As every strategy game is completely different from other games in their category, you will find lot of things different from other games here as well. The quality of concept which has been used by the game developer is very good. The graphics and the levels in the game are well set as well as the game play is very intuitive and user friendly.

User interface of Campaign- The game

The user interface of the Campaign game is very easy to play with. The graphics of the games are very good and the music which plays with the games is also very nice. The game is very impressive in its whole scene appearance and this makes it better than other games.

Pros of Campaign – The game

The game is very unique in its appearance and the graphics of the games are truly amazing.

Cons of Campaign – The game

The game has various things in repetition and certain levels are not good.

My verdict on Campaign The Game
The game is indeed very good and deserves a good positive rating. The game surely deserves 9 out of 10.

How to download Campaign The game?

Campaign the game can be downloaded for iPhone through iTunes.Campaign The Game is Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

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