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How To Build A Keyword Opportunity Model


If your SEO strategy is not powerful, enough you risk getting a low ranking of your website. Last spots in search engine tops do not improve the engagement of new visitors and clients. That is why you must be ready-witted to find out strategies that will attract the target audience.

A profitable SEO campaign that will increase the traffic to your website begins from the selecting of the certain keywords that you want your website to rank for. To choose the keywords for your website optimization, you must conduct a keywords research. There are several methods of doing it that is why you must test different options and find the perfect one for you. Keyword research is useful to determine the intentions and needs of the potential customers. After you perform keyword research, you will discover opportunities where your website can get ahead to the first page in search results. The building of keyword opportunity model is essential to identify the opportunities for growth of your website. But before you attempt to build this model, you must perform a keyword analysis.

There are three ways to do it:

  1. Brainstorming.

You can gather members of your team and potential customers to make up keyword list through brainstorm. Your aim is to utter a heap of the best possible keywords. It must be the words you consider the regular customer would use while looking for a product or service like yours. It also refers to the phrases. Anything from “help writing an essay” to “how to write an essay cheap and fast?”.

  1. Test.

 Next thing to do after you make up the keywords, is to find out if they actually will bring you the needed traffic. Use a tool like Google Adwords Keyword Tool that will define the words and phrases that seem to attract perfectly the qualified traffic. Just type your phrases into this free online tool and discover the level of competition you would get from other sites to rank well for a phrase. In addition, you can learn the number people that are searching for that phrase. Moreover, GAKT can give you a list of related phrases that can show you better results than your original list.

  1. Rewrite.

When you complete your list of the best keywords, start putting them into strategic places throughout your site (especially page title, headers, subheaders).

The aim of Keyword Opportunity Model is to analyze possibilities for improvements in the search rankings. To make it complete, one must estimate keyword volume and competition rating. Nowadays there are new ways to identify keyword opportunities; that differ in their impact on rankings. However, the building of a keyword opportunity model is not difficult. If you are aware of modern methods and tools, you will be able to create a keyword opportunity model without hard efforts.

  1. Expand your keyword portfolio

To achieve this aim, you must use BrightEdge S3. It actually helps to boost cutting-edge technology and build the keyword portfolio to raise your organic search sign and attract more relevant traffic. With this tool, you can maximum fast identify the highest revenue driving branded keywords as well as a list of high converting, long-tail keywords.

  1. Distribute keywords into categories

In “BrightEdge” one can organize keywords into categories. You have options to distribute your keywords by verticals and hierarchies, and according to any criteria you wish. If you keep keyword volumes in order, you will succeed in the building of keyword opportunity model.

  1. Find out gaps and opportunities

Using BrightEdge S3 you will identify the keywords that your competitors are currently optimizing, however, that are not the part of your keyword portfolio (gaps). Also, you will find out those keywords that your competitors haven’t implemented yet, so you are free to use them in order to drive traffic to your website (opportunities).

  1. Use Semantic Keyword Research

The purpose of the semantic research is to find out what people actually mean when they enter keywords. It is important to analyze keywords through Twitter search because this way you can learn people’s opinion about specific keyword phrases. When you categorize keywords of your website, it will be better to make three lists of the different semantic relation of keywords. The key skill in the creation of the semantic core is to understand what is odd and what is in high demand. It is important to implement the methods of mathematical text analysis. For example, the Latent semantic analysis is an effective tool for the mathematical text analysis. LSI is based on connections between words, their relation to certain topic and position inside of the theme. LSI also includes terminology concerning different fields and allows to expand the number of key phrases through the integration. It is important to have at least three services to select keywords that will include historical, anthropological and specific regional peculiarities for the website`s semantic field.

  1. Mind long tail keywords

It was proven by the lots of marketers that long tail keywords usually convert better. The reason is that they capture people later in the conversion cycle more effectively. An individual searching for “costumes” looks more like browsing without vivid intention to purchase. The request like “cheap evil witch Halloween costume” shows the concrete intent of the person to buy the item after the search.

  1. Use Adwords Keyword Tool

After the moment you select necessary keywords according to all essential criteria you can build a keyword opportunity model with the use of Google Adwords. It is easy for use to create campaigns in search engines that will cost you nothing. With the help of this tool, you can choose semantic variants of keywords and create a new one, evaluate the effectiveness of the certain keyword lists. It is important to forecast the possible impacts of every keyword. With AdWords keyword tool you will be able to check statistic data and discover probable traffic drive results.

A successful key opportunity is one of the guarantees that your site will be frequently visited and be on the top of the rankings. But do not neglect the fact that the content must be SEO friendly in overall. Because keywords are only one SEO tool among other equally effective.

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