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Hidden Browser Tips And Tricks That You Need to Know

Browsers are an important term used, when it comes to internet technology. People spend a huge time using the web browsers. However, unfortunately, a user has bravely scratched the exterior of what he or she can do with it. Understand the fact that the web browsers are equipped with hidden and useful tricks, a user might never find until any person gives hint about it.

Here are some helpful browser tips and tricks for you to read and try out to have more experience that is interesting!

7 Interesting Browser Tips You Should Know

Here are some useful browser tips and trick that you need to be aware of!


Closed Tab Reopening

The more chances, you might have accidentally close a web browser tab, but you want it to open back as your work is pending. For this, you can simply use the feature of your browser, ‘reopen closed tab.’ It eliminates the need of opening your history or searching down the page again. You can also use the shortcut, CTRL + SHIFT + T. this shortcut can be both applied to Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Pin Tabs For Easy Access

The next hidden feature you need to know about your web browsers is the pinned tabs. Users often use this feature. You can head to a site in the browser by right clicking the tab in the tab bar. The next step to take is to choose the Pin Tab in Firefox or Chrome. This way, the tab will get shrink to a small icon to take only less space on the tab bar.

You can easily open the tab all the time. While closing and re-opening the browser, the pinned tabs will be opened in an automatic manner. This feature makes the process of accessing email, sites, social media sites and web pages of different types easy and quick.

Provide Websites Their Own Web Browser Windows

If you often work on different email accounts, or possibly use social media sites, probably you might be interested in breaking that site out of the browser and provide it the interest it deserved. If you are using a chrome browser, then you can head to a site and then make a click on the menu button. The next step, you must take is to choose More Tools, and then Create Application Shortcuts.

While with the internet explorer, you need to head to site, choose the website icon in the address bar of your browser and then drag and drop in to the windows taskbar. This way, you can provide a website its shortcut on the task bar. In addition, it will get its unique windows. However, you cannot apply this feature to the Firefox.

Use Search Engines To Their Fullest

You can maximize the results in search engines. In order to get the most out of search engines, you can press enter rather than using the mouse for clicking the search button, in every search box. This way, you can open the new links in other windows in your browser.

Synchronize Tabs 

Latest browsers provide features such as browser sync, which can help you in saving the bookmarks and other browsing data. With these features, you can also synchronize it across all the devices. However, your web browser can synchronize various open tabs between the devices as well. This way, a user can open a webpage on the laptop easily.

Get Distraction Free Browsing Experience

It is one of the best browser tips and tricks you should understand to have a pleasant browsing experience. Most of the people especially students wanna surf net without any distraction. If you too wish to do the same, you may press F11 to hide all the browser elements on the screen. Likewise, if you wanna hide the installed Google Chrome extensions, go to the icon which you wanna hide, right click and select “Hide Button“.

Reveal Hidden Passwords

If you’re a person who handles more webpages, you might have saved your passwords to autofill. You may forget those passwords in the future and if you want to sign in another PC, that would be really annoying to recollect the password. To handle this situation, you may use the “Advanced Settings” of Chrome browser.

Just follow this! Press Menu  > Settings > Advanced Settings > Passwords & Forms > Manage Passwords to know all hidden passwords. It is one of the chrome tips which you need to know to avoid getting worry about the remembrance of saved passwords.   

Do you aware of these browser tips and tricks ? Have I missed any other interesting browser stuff? You may add value to the post by sharing your knowledge and browsing experience in the comment section. 

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