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5 Best VPN For Gaming Enthusiasts

Looking for the best VPN for gaming? This post would help you get an ideal service to get great gaming experience and for uninterrupted gameplay. 

Man has always loved being independent. The same is relevant even today. In the internet era, there is hardly anyone who wants their data and searches to be monitored all the time. Well, that is just what gave rise to the Virtual Private Networks, commonly known as a VPN.

What Is A VPN?

VPN as already stated stands for Virtual Private Network. The VPN allows us to create a secure connection to another network when we are surfing the internet. One of the significant use of VPNs is to access region-specific information or websites from a remote location.

While in recent years, VPN has more often than not been misused by many users, and thus have somehow lost the essence, VPN was created initially, to connect securely over the internet for business dealings and to allow one to access the business dealings from home.

VPN still is widely used for the purpose it was first developed and has widened its horizon. According to a survey published on 20th of February 2020, one out of every four people on the surface uses a VPN to access the internet.

Why is it so? Well, let’s try to figure it out.

Advantages Of Using VPN

The advantages of using a VPN are quite a few. Here, we would be listing them down for you:

1. Helps Hide Your IP And Location

This is the primary reason why every passing day more and more people are using VPN services. This helps you access games and contents which might not be available at your location and at the same time, help you surf the internet without revealing your identity.

2. Protection And Security

The VPN services prevent snooping on untrustworthy wi-fi hot-spots, thus making your connection way more secure and even hiding your identity from the local administrators.

3. Gain Anonymity

Although not with cent perfection, you surely can gain some anonymity for yourself on the internet by hiding your true identities.
Playing online games via a VPN is possibly one of the most used services when it comes to non-corporate uses.

Over the years, various games have been designed with an inherent need to log into a VPN.

Here are some of the advantages of using a VPN for your favourite games.

Advantages Of Using VPN For Playing Games

1. Choose Participants From Specific Locations

VPN helps people from one part of the world play games online with any participant from any specific location of their choice.

2. Avails Offers And Discounts

VPN services sometimes allow the game users to get some attractive discounts on purchases in the games as there might be offers valid for a particular region.

3. Reduces Lag

Since a VPN is connected to a faster server, it helps you minimise lag and pin in the game.

4. Play Multiplayer Games On The Go

Many a time, games restrict the users from using the game when their geographic locations changes. This is just when a VPN comes into the picture. Since the location off the user is forged by using a VPN one can surely enjoy the games they love even when not in their geographic location.

How To Choose The Best VPN?

Choosing the correct VPN as per your need can be a challenging task for you. Don’t worry; I will walk you through the essentials to look out for, before zeroing on the final choice.

1. Understand Your Need

Well, this is important as you head forward to get a VPN. Know what is your need and why you need the VPN. A VPN might just come with additional features and thus additional cost, but you might not be requiring these additional features given your scope of use. Therefore, make sure that you jot down what you are looking for well in advance.

2. Compare The Companies

Anonymity, speed or encryption, which is the top priority for you while you are getting a VPN? Well, decide that before you lay hands on your credit cards. Every company prioritises something over the other and boasts for the same. If you are sure about what you are looking for, then make sure you choose the company that offers you with precisely the one thing that you have been looking out for.

3. Compatibility

Some VPNs are device-specific. Yes, it might be the case that the VPN that you are using for your laptop might not support your mobile connections and vice versa. Thus, it’s crucial to figure out the same before getting the VPN in the bucket list.
Customer Services;

Now, this is one thing that many of us forget to look out when we are buying the VPN. However, this possibly is the most important thing to consider and why exactly do I say so?

Well, what if you face a roadblock when you start with your VPN or one fine morning your VPN stops to protect your anonymity? Well, then this is the first place you would be heading to!

Here, I would love to make the job easier for gamers. By picking up the top 5 VPN services that one can settle for!

Best 5 VPN Services To Play Online Games

5. Express VPN

Serving more than 90 countries with their robust Open VPN encryption, in ExpressVPN gamers can select almost any geographic location that they suit their need.

The live chat support of the company and also it’s after services have surely made heads turn. The VPN is also available on all platforms, and thus you would not have to shift from one VPN to another.

4. IPVanish

IPVanish VPN boasts of being the fastest on the market, and that is just why has been grabbing eyeballs lately. Gamers across the world are in awe with the speed that the VPN provides.

It helps the gamers experience a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Also, the WiFi Hot-Spot protection adds on to the level of security offered to the users.

3. Hotspot Shield

Well, the inclusion might surely have raised some eyeballs, but do not worry. You read it right, and you have reasons for that. For the armature gamers who are not looking to invest much right away, this surely is a great option.

The VPN service provides with a real small bargain for the users and provides perfectly sufficient access to the required amenities. Thus, the Hotspot Shield VPN is recommended for the armatures.

2. Mudfish.net

With one of the highest number of nodes available to mudfish.net assures the users of a secure and fast VPN service that can help them make the most out of the VPN server.

With the cheapest rates and one of the most robust and active communities and customer service, the VPN service provides to the customers exactly what they are looking for without making a visible dent in their pockets. This surely is the delight of any gamer.

1. WTFast.com

WTFast would be one of the most well-known VPN services across the internet for the gaming community. This VPN service offers one with the option to enjoy the smoothest gaming and is highly recommended by one and all of the gaming community.

Also, they have partnered with some of the leading companies in the world, thus showcasing all the trust that even the bigger organisations have on them. They are known for their lightning speed and are a delight for the gamers and hence it is listed as one of the best VPN for gaming lovers. 


VPNs have been the thing for quite some time now. While providing you with the perfect anonymity, security and encryption, the VPNs come up with quite a few added features which seem to fit perfectly into the bucket for you. However, you need to be very sure about what you need out of your VPN and then choose one that fits perfectly well.

For gamers, VPN is probably that one thing that would make your life way more comfortable. For others, you would need to take a call depending on your scope of work and use.

In the end, VPN is one of the essential services that we can use to protect our data from unwanted interventions. They can keep you safe and secure and let you be virtually at any geographic location of your choice.

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