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Best Voice Changer Software Free Download

Ever wondered how your friends get that silly cartoon-like voice on the clips they upload on social media? Do you want to play a prank by changing the voice?

Are you looking for the best voice modifier tool for your presentation? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, you may try voice changer free download.

A voice changing software can get you that funny voice you want. Manipulating your voice with a simple voice changer is as easy as ABC. Surprisingly, online voice changer is available as well.

Read on to grab a voice modifier application for PC or a voice changer online! Online is fast, but if you want to do the same thing again and again, it’s better to get a software.

A voice changer software would have more features than any online variant. Also, a voice changer app might turn out to be a simple voice Morpher.

The best voice changer software would have more features than any online variant. Also, a voice modifier app might turn out to be a simple voice changer.

3 Top Voice Modifier Tools To Download

Here are some of the best voice modifier applications to download!


1. AVSoft Voice Changer

This 16 MB software has more features than you can think. Firstly, the voice modifier software has a lot of human and non-human effect. Plus, you have complete control over the output voice. With a bit of effort, you can produce the kind of voice you want.

The converted voice works with a lot of popular online games such as Counter-Strike, Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, etc. Moreover, it is a live voice change software – it even works with most VoIP-based software such as Skype, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, TeamSpeak, MSN and more. Imagine how easy it is to trick a friend with such an awesome voice change tool. Isn’t it better than voice changer online?

Note that this AV voice changer software is a paid tool and the free trial is available for 15 days.

Get AV Voice Changer

2. Free Voice Changer

Unlike the previous one, this best voice changer for PC is completely free. Although it might not be the best voice changer app available currently, its plethora of features would be more than satisfactory to you. You have a decent command over the output voice, and there are preloaded effects to make your work easier.

The description of the software states that it’s pretty easy to dub videos with this app. Moreover, you can control the voice pitch and even the voice speed.

Furthermore, it is the only voice converter as of now that maintains your voice timbre after changing. The software is pretty flexible when it comes to importing a file – it can accept a .mp3, .wma or .wav file. But when it comes to output, the only supported file format is .wav.

If you’re thinking long term, you should consider giving this voice change application a shot. This one too is a better option than the voice changer online.

Download Free Voice Changer

3. Fake Voice Changer

Fake Voice Changer is yet another freeware; simple voice modifier. It allows you to alter your voice from male to female, young to old, soft to hard, etc.

You can even apply an alien or echo effect to lay some emphasis. This voice change software lacks extra features – but if simplicity is all that you need, this one is unbeatable.

As you can see in the above image – there are basically four things to change – pitch, formant, base pitch, and noise threshold. There’s a playback option in the end – which allows you to hear your modified voice while you’re dealing with the settings.

Download Fake voice Changer

Other  Voice Changer Free Download

Skype Voice Changer

As the name suggests, Skype Voice Changer is exclusively made for Skype. You can change your voice while conversing with anyone on Skype. You are allowed to modify your voice by altering pitch, overlap size etc. Moreover, you can record Skype calls and even send pre-recorded messages to the other party on call.

NCH Voice Changer

NCH Voice modifier comes with a simple yet intuitive interface. The best part of this software is that it works on existing files. Yes, you can modify the voice of the audio files you’ve recorded already. Besides, it works perfectly well with online games. How about playing as a girl someday? People find it astonishing to see a girl playing FPS games! How about playing a prank with them?

MorphVOX Voice Changer

MorphVOX is a great voice modifier app that has got some great sound effects. You can change your voice to literally who ever you want to – a woman, man, child, robot or anything else. It works on almost every IM app out there. Besides, it also works perfectly with online games. It is fully automatic – it learns from your voice and creates changes accordingly.

Live Voice Modifier

If you want to go online, the No.1 online voice modifier recommended by me would be the Online Tone Changer.

It is basically not termed as a voice change tool, but it works that way. The voice changer online allows you to change the pitch of your software without changing the tempo. Usually, higher pitch means thinner voice and lower pitch means thicker voice.

Thus, you will need to experiment a bit to get the kind of output you want. For instance, if you need a feminine, deep voice, try higher pitches and for a masculine, hard voice, consider looking for a lower pitch. It requires A/B testing, but it works.

You might want to try another website for this. However, this is the only working live voice changer that I have found to work, and I would recommend you to stick to this one only.

Final Words

I have already discussed the essential details of voice modification and yes, you may require the voice changing software to make fun with your friends & family, send voice emails, and during presentations & podcasts. 

I hope that you liked my article on voice changer for PC. I feel good that I could list out some of the best voice modifier software available in the market. 

Have you tried any best voice changer free download? If you have something to say, please let me know in the comments section below.


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