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2 Best Screen Locks for Android Devices

If you are planning to download screen lock for your Android phone, you are reading the perfect post. We lock/unlock our phones so many times in a day that the same screen lock each and every time seems boring.

Imagine an app specially designed for locking the screen of your phone in a best stylish way possible.

Top Android Screen Locks To Download

After trying some top 7-8 screen lock for Android, I came to a conclusion that “Cover Lock Screen (Beta)” and “Locker Master” are the best screen locks for Android devices. So, here is a review of both the android screen lock apps.

1. Cover Lock Screen (Beta)

This Screen Lock will completely change the way you look at your phone screen when it is locked. It is light in weight, simple in design and yet it is very effective. Once you download it, the app will show you a small tutorial on what all features it offers and how they can be used.

After that, you need to set your Home and Work address so that it can choose the apps which need to be showed at that address. You can also set an email address so that all the settings can be applied to the new phone, whenever you buy new one.

Once it is installed and set, it will take you to the screen lock where you will see that the apps which you use the most are listed on the left side of the screen with notifications. You just need to swipe from right to left while holding that app to check the notification.

You can also swipe from top to bottom or bottom to top for accessing more apps. For normal unlocking, you just need to swipe from left to right. You can select the place where you are now and it will show the relevant app and wallpaper according to that.


This screen lock for Android is smart and you can actually set the lock in such a way that it can detect your location automatically.

You can select the different ringtone for different locations. You can also select different wallpapers for the different location and can also use your own photo as a wallpaper.

one -of-the-best-screen-locks-for-android

The best feature of this screen lock app is that it automatically decides which apps are used mostly and shows them at the screen lock page. Just give the app 2-3 days time and it will detect all the settings and location preferences.

Download Cover Lock Screen

2. Locker Master- Fun, DIY Themes

There is a reason why it is called Locker Master. If you wish to download screen lock which can offer you a large variety of themes and cool animation, this is the screen lock to download. This amazing app will change your normal boring screen lock into an amazing and exciting screen lock.

Once you are finished with downloading the app, it will give you a very small tutorial about the settings and how it can be used.

Open this screen lock for Android and you will see three parts


  • Featured: This part shows the screen lock which are used commonly and are popular.
  • Explore: This part allows you to view and download the huge list of screen locks available on the app.
  • Mine: This part shows the Screen Lock themes which are already downloaded/used by you.

You will need to download the theme/Screen Lock style for setting up your unique Screen Lock. Once you have downloaded it, you will need to apply it.

Each theme and Screen Lock style has its own feature and unlocks styles. The best part about the screen lock app is that you can easily customize each and every screen lock style as per your needs.


Thanks to its huge variety of themes and styles that this app has got over millions of downloads and has got many good reviews.

Download Lock Master

Final Conclusion

Same pattern lock and PIN lock can become boring and monotonous. With these two Screen Locks app, you can make your Screen Lock exciting and creative.

I would suggest you to download any of the screen locks for Android that I’ve listed above to make your phone locking/unlocking experience better and wonderful.

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  1. It’s very interesting. But only 2 screen locks here. It will be better if you add some screen locks. Anyway thanks for sharing this. I ll make use of it.

    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for checking the post Nirmal. I’ve added the best screen locks for Android.

      Sure, I’ll add some good alternatives for them. Stay tuned.

  2. Hi Nirmala
    I agree with you ..Same pattern lock screen is very boring. I used to change lock screen wallpaper but that too is not so interesting.
    Thanks for sharing an awesome app. Just Downloaded Lock Master , and its fun to change lock screen \

    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hey Utsav,

      Thanks for reading my post. Like you, I too used to get bored with the same screen lock app. So, I’ve done a research in finding some best locks for our smartphone screen. Glad I could help you in getting fun with your lock screen app. A lot more to come, keep coming.

  3. Thanks for the best blog. it was very useful for me. keep sharing such ideas in the future as well.

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