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10 Best Power Banks For Mobile

With the technology developments, gadgets like smartphone and tablets offer lightening speed communication and thus we would like to carry them wherever we go. As we use them tremendously, there is a need to keep them charged at most of the times. So, power banks (portable charger) are being introduced by several companies in the market. 

Power banks for mobiles are the new big thing. Now, you don’t have to wait for your phone to get fully charged, you can just leave it as all you need is a power bank. A power bank is a handy gadget in the case when you are travelling or are in a hurry and you don’t have a time to charge your phone. I’ve already discussed the basic stuff of power bank for mobiles in my previous post.

Power banks are available in various categories like solar power banks, dual USB port power bank, power bank with a flashlight and so on. Choosing the best power bank can be a real tough job due to the large number of options available in the market. In this post, I’m gonna assist you to choose the finest power bank from the list of 10 best power banks.

I’d like to provide the power bank review in a brief manner so that you can select the best power bank brand suitable for your mobile devices.

Top 10 Power Banks For Mobiles

Below are the 10 most excellent power banks to buy!

Xiaomi Power Bank 10400mAh

There is no doubt that Xiaomi power bank 10400mAh is one of the best power banks you can get. It uses a dual battery cell technology which is developed by LG and Samsung. This mobile power bank has got aluminum casing and metallic finish which makes it stylish too. A fully recharged Xiaomi Power Bank 10400mAh can charge 4 iPhones and 2 iPad Mini. The reason why it is considered as best power bank brand India is that it is equipped with a nine layers of circuit chipset protection and is compatible with almost all the devices.


Price: $17

DigiFlip Power Bank 2600 mAh PC014

If Xiaomi Power Bank doesn’t excite you muc h, I hope this will. If you are looking for best power bank brand India, this is yet another portable charging gadget as it is small and compact in size. This mobile power bank has got the inbuilt feature for protection against short-circuiting, temperature and over charging. Considered as one of the top 10 power banks, it is made up of ABS and PC plastic and if you are looking to buy a good portable power bank, you may get this.


Price: $9

Sony CP-F5/SC ULA USB Portable Charger

At number three in my list of top 10 power bank is a product by Sony. Sony is a great company and it would not be an exaggeration if I say that it is one of the best power bank brands in India. With a cycle time of up to 1000, this striking gadget has a 5000 mAh capacity lithium polymer battery. Moreover, this power bank for mobiles has slim and metallic premium design and gets fully charges in just 6 hours.


Price: $30

ADATA PT100 10000mAH Power Bank

If you are looking for a high capacity best power banks but want a stylish one, this may be your need. Available in the great combination of White and blue color, it offers Dual USB outlets for better and faster charging. Apart from that, it also offers unique 4 stage lighting with LED flashlight and can full charge 5 iPhones. The reason why I’m calling it a best power bank is that you just need to connect the device and charging starts automatically without even touching any button and its safety mechanism is just one of the best class.


Price: $17

Ambrane 10400mah Power Bank P-1000 

Not every other power bank for mobiles comes with an LED torch, but this one do. For charging two mobiles at a time, this external charger offers Dual USB ports and can charge any electronic device. The device comes with 4 different connectors so that you can charge whatever you want to charge and its 10400 mAh battery is just outstanding.


Price: $22

RAVPower 2nd Gen Mini 3000mAh Portable Charger

Continuing my list of top 10 power bank, at number 6 I’ve a stylish yet powerful power bank for mobile. It’s trendy lipstick-shaped design is what makes this mobile power bank unique from others. It takes 3-4 hours to get full charge and it can charge all devices like iPhone, Nexus etc. It is light in weight and comes with a 12-month warranty.


Price: $12.99

ALLPOWERS™ 3nd Gen Fast Charging 15600mAh

The ability to automatically identifying and detecting the device makes this portable battery charger as one of the best power banks. It is equipped with a PowerIQ technology to provide fast charging. It also offers dual USB port for charging two devices at a time. Apart from that, it has super protection like overshoot, over-discharge, short circuit and there is an LED to show status of the battery. This best power bank for mobile has a compact and easy to hold design.


Price: $21.99

TechMatte® 10000mAh Dual-Port External Battery Portable Charger

Digital LED display is the thing which makes this classy power bank the best one. It is compatible with almost all kinds of gadgets like smartphones, tablets and cameras. It also offers 2 USB ports for dual charging and got the slim design. The charging device comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and works perfectly fine.


Price: $20.99

Cube E12A 12000mAh Li-polymer Battery Mobile Power Bank

Power bank from Cube can charge 2-4 tablets, 5 iPhones and 4 Samsung phones and has a modish look. It offers two USB ports for charging two gadgets at a time and is equipped with all safety features. This powerful external charger weighs just 250 gm but works in a perfect way. 


Price: $24.88

Power Bank 6000mAh Mobile External Power Battery Charger

External power battery charger weighs just 160 gm and 4.33 inch in height. Even though it looks small, it is powerful enough to fully charge your mobile devices. It takes 7-9 hours for full charging and offers only one USB for charging.


Price: $23.43

For better understanding, I’ve gathered all the above discussed best power banks in a tabular column below.

Name Capacity(mAh) Dual USB Price($) Where to Buy
Xiaomi Power Bank 10400 mAh  10400  NO  17  Flipkart.com
DigiFlip Power Bank 2600 mAh PC014  2600  NO   9  Flipkart.com
Sony CP-F5/SC ULA USB Portable Charger  5000  NO  30  Flipkart.com
ADATA PT100 10000mAH Power Bank  10000  YES  17  Amazon.in
Ambrane Power Bank P-1000 (10400mah)   10400  YES  22  SnapDeal.com
RAVPower 2nd Gen Mini 3000mAh Portable Charger  3000  NO  12.99  Amazon.com
ALLPOWERS™ 3nd Gen Fast Charging 15600mAh   15600  YES  21.99  Amazon.com
TechMatte® 10000mAh Dual-Port External Battery Portable Charger   10000  YES  20.99  Amazon.com
Cube E12A 12000mAh Li-polymer Battery Mobile Power Bank  12000  YES  24.88  Dx.com
Power Bank 6000mAh Mobile External Power Battery Charger   6000  YES  23.43  Dx.com

Final Words

Power bank is a helpful gadget to charger your mobile devices whenever needed. It has compact design integrated with upright safety features. I’ve talked about the best power banks to buy along with its price and you may consider getting any of these emergency battery charger for your mobile tech appliances.  

Let me know which external charger do you liked the most. Are you planning to buy power bank online? Use comment section to leave your opinion about this post.

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