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8 Best Power Banks India

If you’re looking for the best power banks India, you’re at the exact place to get the details. 

One of the biggest problem with smartphones these days is its battery life. There is only handful of phones that delivers a full day battery backup. Almost each smartphone needs to be charged multiple times in a day for continuous usage. Power Banks comes as a real saviour in these cases.

A Power Bank is a device that is used to charge smartphones in case of emergency. I’ve already discussed on why to use these portable charging tools for mobile devices and things to consider while buying them.

As the power bank can easily be carried in a pocket or a small bag, it comes very handily when you are travelling or are in a meeting where you need to charge your phone. Thus, I listed out the best power banks for mobile gadgets with their buying links. 

The best part about power bank is that it can charge your phone several times in a day. The market is full of a large variety of power banks, and it is somewhat difficult to choose the best among them.

Solar power banks are right as well, and you may check the reviews of some solar power banks that comes with safe and environmental friendly features. Now, I’m going to list down the best power banks India in this post.

Top 8 Power Banks In India 

Following are the top power banks online India that are worth to buy!

OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank


OnePlus devices are currently selling like hot cakes in the market, and it is the OnePlus One phone that has created most of the buzz. The company came up with an unusual and beautifully crafted power bank as well. 

This best power bank India 1000 mAH is small in size and features world-class lithium-polymer technology. There is a safety feature in the bank which protects the device from overcharging & overheating, and thus you can travel long with your favourite gadgets. The Oneplus one power bank India gets fully charged in 5.5 hours.

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Xiaomi Power Bank 10400 mAh


Xiaomi is well-known for offering excellent quality gadgets, and it’s power bank device is one of them. The Xiaomi power bank can automatically adjust its output level according to the connected device. With this emergency charger, you can charge a variety of smartphones, Tablets, digital cameras and handheld gaming gadgets as well.

It has high rigidity as it contains carved aluminium case that are strengthened by the nine layers of circuit chipset protection. The safety features include high voltage input limit, feedback protection circuit breaker and temperature control protection. If you are looking for a powerful power bank with excellent protection and restoration features, this Xiaomi power bank is worth considering.

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PNY BE-740 10400mAh


It is currently one of the top most sellers in the power bank category. The best part of this power bank is its design. It has got a trendy and refined design with ergonomics shape that is easy to grab and use. It has an inbuilt LED torch that comes very handy when you are travelling or doing some outdoor activities.

There is auto power off feature that shut downs the device when the phone gets full charged. There is 4 LED lights power indicator that displays the current status of the battery in the power bank. You’ll adore its cylindrical design that help you to easy to hold and use. 

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Ambrane P-1310 13000 mAh


This Ambrane device is one of the best power banks India as it has stylish and slim body with ergonomic design. This small powerhouse can charge your phones and tablets not once but twice. Here, you can charge your smartphones and Tablets with high safety and stability features. 

There are indicator lights for showing the status of the battery in the power bank and the other buttons & ports are placed in a precise manner for proper conversion. This best power bank India is available in two different colors, Black & Grey. 

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Lenovo PA13000 13000 mAh


Lenovo is well-known in the field if technology & gadgets. Its power bank product stands out from the crowd with some exciting features like intelligent multiple protection design and the auto-sensing high-quality battery cell. As the exterior of this power bank India is made up of high-grade matte plastic and boasts intelligent power control chip, you don’t need to worry about the safety features. 

There are two USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices. It is small in size and can easily be carried in a bag. Besides, this best power bank India stores battery power for long-dormant technology and so that it can be used at any time and any place.

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HonorPowerbank 13000 mAh


Since it integrates high-quality circuitry and large capacity features, I’ve added the Honor Powerbank in the list of best power banks in India. It has some unique features like water & dust resistant aluminum body, over discharge, overcharge, short circuit, and high-temperature protection. 

With two USB ports, you can use this incredible power bank to charge your phones and tablets at the same time. If you have iPhone 6, you can charge it four times with Honor Powerbank 1300 mAh. It passed the reliability tests and hence you may use this charger without any hassle. 

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Power Ace PRP10400A Rapid Power 10400 mAh


Having the Power Ace power bank at your side, you don’t need to be anxious with battery drain or low battery notification. It can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, digital camera or any other electronic device that charges via USB.

It is light in weight and can easily be carried while traveling. Moreover, it takes only 6 hours to charge itself.  

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DigiFlip Power Bank 11000 mAh PC015


It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is currently in the list of the best power banks India. The design is simple, and it looks like just another power bank. It is the charging speed, and it’s power capacity that makes it different from others.

Dual USB ports come as an added advantage. Other features include over voltage protection, protection from short circuit, Protection from Incorrect Insertion, Protection from Overcharge and Over-discharge protection.

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In today’s busy life, everyone needs to use the phone for various purposes but we get very less time to charge their phone. Power Banks has now turned into one of the most useful and must have device.

All these above-listed power banks are easily available and you may buy online. What is your opinion about this power bank review India? Let me know which are the best power banks India that you would like to buy to charge your mobile gadgets at ease? 

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  2. It is often inconvenient to put your smartphone on charge especially when you are out and traveling. Keeping that smartphone and not using it for internet, games, writing documents, making slides, compiling data, etc makes it nothing less than a feature phone! During travel while using such applications and services generally drains out the battery! Good post!

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