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The Best Parallax WordPress Themes for 2016 by Template Monster

There are many diverse sites on the net nowadays and the whole idea is to be not like others. This point is important both for site owners and their users. Those who run the site want it to be attractive and productive, not that much difficult. At the same time, the users want to see it modern, fast and easy on the eye. When these two requirements are separate it is not a big deal, but truly effective and working website should combine everything within. In addition, there should be present cool tools and various visual effects. This tricky task is right for TemplateMonster.com. Our professional team can create the site of any complexity and satisfy even the most sophisticated user.

In today’s article, we want to describe such wonderful effect as Parallax. Many sites have already been created with its help, and it really looks great and visitors like it. What is it actually and what advantages does it have? Now we will sort out everything. Basically, Parallax effect is a concept of a site design in which background of the site moves at a different speed as the rest of the page for an impressive visual effect that allows for countless creative applications for online storytelling. The users would love the way your site looks because it is not only informative, but it is also fun to scroll the site through. Now you can apply a story-telling approach and surprise viewers with page depth and animation. Keep in mind that it fits long sites and don’t overdo it to make your site too complicated. As you can see, Parallax effect is a no-regret option to improve your website or add it to the new one.

TemplateMonster.com have prepared a great product line with Parallax effect. You can choose among different themes here. Purchasing TemplateMonster.com template you accelerate the pace, as you get a ready-made theme at once. It means that you can renovate the old site or create completely new one instantly. It is fast and easy, so no difficulties for beginners. WordPress themes are unique as they are easy-of-use and suits both small and medium sized business. Get a chance to create a stunning website or a personal blog. To follow the latest news of TemplateMonster.com join our YouTube channel TemplateMonsterCo .

Here is the moment to take a look at the best Parallax WordPress themes for 2016.

1. Sensei – Martial Arts WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

This theme can become a great basis for any sports project. As it is image-oriented, you may have a great presentation of imagery. The theme is a part of The best WordPress Themes 2016.

2. Science lab responsive WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

The theme is designed for a science lab website. It already has all the needed features. Moreover, it is highly responsive, so it adjusts to any screen size flawlessly.

3. Jorden – Wine and Winery WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

Jorden theme is one of the most impressive ones. It was specially developed for the winery, restaurant or catering company. You can even write a blog with the help of this theme. Parallax scrolling and background video fit here more than perfectly.

4. Shanti – Yoga Studio WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

This calm website is aimed to be a part of a Yoga studio promotion. It conveys the calmness of mind and soul with the neat colors. Drag the viewers’ attention and show them your coaches and construct your own gallery to share.

5. Fenimore – Law Firm WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

This responsive WordPress theme is a finding for every law firm. Rich coloring makes call-to-action buttons stand out in the rest of layout. The theme is fully responsive and has Page-builder slider, video integration, and testimonials in addition.

6. Harvest WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

The main advantages of this template are the wonderful design and drag and drop plugin. You can create your own layout, and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Don’t forget that is it responsive as well.

7. Mechanna – Locksmith WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

Bright colors and masculine look make visitors want to look through the site. It has a set of business-oriented pages and offers several post types. The theme works perfectly with any browser and any device. It is also included in the best WordPress Themes 2016 list.

8. Advisto – Financial Advisor Consultancy WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

The elegant and simple theme is a right option to create a business site. Use the page builder plugin to make any changes without coding. Every element can be changed according to your liking.

9. Effective IT Solutions WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

The theme runs on latest Cherry Framework 4 and has a bunch of smart features. The installation is rather simple, and you can set up all the template’s elements in a few clicks. You will get Google map, newsletter subscription form, and commenting system.

10. Bettaso – Café and Restaurant WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

The theme runs on latest Cherry Framework 4 and has a bunch of smart features. The installation is rather simple, and you can set up all the template’s elements in a few clicks. You will get Google map, newsletter subscription form, and commenting system.

11. Interna WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

Get this theme and create the site of your dream. The code is clean and well organized. It is multilingual, has integrated Google map and is cross-browser compatible.

12. Architecture WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

Cool color combination makes this template suitable for every website related to design or construction. The theme looks appealing on any device and is ready to become a blog, business website or a store.

13. Jo Invest WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

This theme is recommended for investment companies. It is easy to grab the attention with a full-screen image and framed text with big green call-to-action button. Get it and fulfill every section of the theme.

14. Deltex Business WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

The template was intended for business websites. It is modern and has the latest smart functions. Engage the visitors with circular image thumbnails and mosaic pattern.

15. 7 Level WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

The layout of the 7 level theme is simple, yet unique. If you need a professional site, here is the theme to make one. Great color combination and good navigation will present your company in the best way.

16. HostPro WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

This theme fits both small and big projects. Make the professional looking site and enjoy the result. We included such features as Cross-browser compatibility, MotoPress Slider, Google font, and maps.

17. Business Responsive WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

We created this theme to satisfy the requirement of the most sophisticated customers. It is not only gorgeous but also works without any issues. There are Parallax effect, MotoPress Editor, Contact forms and Google map in the package.

18. Auto Towing WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

If you are related to service or business companies then here is a theme for you. It is completely unique as it combines a conservative design with powerful functionality and user-friendly navigation. Other features are Parallax effect, Background video, and MegaMenu.

19. Houston WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

The chosen colors look great together and create a really aesthetic website for business. If needed, unnecessary options can be turned off, to focus the audience on the main content.

20. Adv Agency WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo

The theme has good functionality indeed. The design is clean and in addition, you can easy edit the shortcodes. Hurry up and create the site of your dream using this theme.

Final Words

I am sure you will love to check out these Parallax WP themes from Template Monster.

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