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List Of 5 Best Microphone For YouTube Videos

Finding the best microphone for Youtube can be a tricky choice; it highly depends on the type of video which you are going to record. There are some cases where you might require more than one microphone to do the recording for Youtube videos.

If you are planning for vlogging, a good microphone is must apart from having a high-quality camera. Nobody is going to understand and like your video if they can’t hear what you are trying to communicate.

Hence, you must select the best microphone to become a successful Youtuber.

Why Is Built-in Camera Microphone A Bad Choice?

You might think why to invest in an expensive microphone when the built-in mic in the camera can do the recording. But it is not enough to create high-quality audio which your audience will like to hear.

The most significant disadvantage of using built-in microphones is the low sound quality. The sound is not at all clear, but a built-in camera absorbs almost all the sound near you. It has the worst effect on the final audio quality.

Why Invest In Microphones? 

If you are planning to record quality audio for your Youtube or Vlog, you must invest in a good microphone. The audio quality of the microphone is excellent; it reduces the external noise and maintains the originality of sound.

Excellent YouTube Microphone Gadgets To Buy 

Now, check the top mics to record YouTube videos and buy the suitable one!

best microphone for youtube

1. Blue Snowball

Cheap is not always best, and if you want high-quality audio for your Youtube videos and Vlog, Blue Snowball is one reliable choice. You can respond sound to your computer system.

The Blue Snowball microphone allows you to switch between 2 dominant modes, i.e., omnidirectional as well as cardioid. You can also select from vast color choices. Pick the one which suits your personality.

The audio quality of Blue Snowball is best, and it comes with headphones jack, mute button, and volume control options. It also allows you to create podcasts.

Top Features

1. Crystal clear audio, best for Vloggers.
2. Easy to install and record audio.
3. Efficient plug and play option to a computer system, you don’t need any driver to get started.
4. Great for podcasters.


1. Exceptional performance.
2. Excellent sound quality.
3. Affordable price.
3. Highly sensitive to background noise.


1. Lack of flexibility.
2. Supports only two polar patterns.

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2. Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti is favorite for almost all the Youtubers, and this is majorly due to the incredible sound quality and excellent features. The price of the Blue Yeti is also affordable.

In Blue Yeti you can select 4 distinct pickup patterns based on the audit requirement. You can opt for the cardioid pattern for regular voices. Blue Yeti comes with a mute switch, voice control, stand and headphone jacks.

Top Features

1. Unique tri-capsule array can easily record in all the situation.
2. Highly compatible with all latest version of windows.
3. Works great for Vloggers, Youtubers and podcasting.
4. Helpful mute switch and stand.


1. Brilliant sound quality.
2. number 1 choice of YouTubers.
3. Supports 4 different patterns.
4. Flexible design.


1. High price.
2. Controls are a bit tricky.
3. Difficult mounting.
4. Can pick up external noises.

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3. Rode VideoMic Pro VMP Shotgun Microphone

There is no second opinion about having a sturdy and high-quality microphone for recording Youtube videos. Rode VideoMic Pro is one such reliable choice which is highly preferred by all the professional videography and Youtuber who don’t compromise on quality.

This best microphone for youtube videos is easy to use and is highly compatible with almost all the DSLR camera, and it came with a 3.5 mm microphone jack. The Rode VideoMic Pro reduces the absorption of unwanted noise and environment shock while filming.

The suspension system is incredible, and it can be easily used with a sturdy handed camera. The sound quality is excellent, and it comes with 10 years warranty.

Top Features

1. The battery life is sturdy; you can use Rode VideoMic Pro hassle free.
2. The Rode VideoMic Pro turns on as soon as you switch on the camera.
3. Supports various recording modes and can be used as per the need.


1. Excellent battery life.
2. Smart digital switching interface.
3. Compact design and lightweight.
4. Additional shock mounting feature.


1. Extremely light weighted.
2. Getting a battery replacement is tricky.

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4. Shure SM7B

Are you looking for a sturdy, handy and dynamic mic for Youtuber videos and Vlog, Shure SM7B works best. It is fantastic, and you even don’t need a pop filter or shock mount to get the perfect audio clarity.

This Youtube microphone is a high-quality brass mic and provides the perfect depth, balanced, and sound clarity. The audio quality of Shure SM7B is evident, and it can be used for both music as well as speech. Moreover, Shure SM7B it also rejects the electromagnetic hum and also protects from external broadband interference.

Top Features

1. Perfect choice for vocals and offers a neutral as well as vibrant sound.
2. Best selling dynamic mic for excellent sound quality.
3. Capacity to soften and smoothen out the high pitches and music.


1. A dynamic and sturdy choice.
2. Crystal clear and natural volume.
3. Excellent noise rejection capabilities.
4. Great for live recording.


1. Poor extended sound response.
2. Unable to capture details.

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5. Audio-Technica AT4053B

Audio-Technica AT4053B is one the best mic which ensures high-quality indoor voice recording moreover the mic capsule is interchangeable. It offers high-quality voice the final output is free from any visible distortion.

This best microphone for YouTube is designed especially for Vloggers and professional voice recording. It reduces the absorption of external sounds all thanks to the hyper-cardioid polar pattern.

In short, Audio-Technica AT4053B is a versatile choice for all the performers who want the final audio output to be best and clean. The Audio-Technica AT4053B is made from sturdy substance, and the durability is also high.

Top Features

1. Excellent design and works well for those who want professional recording.
2. Less external noise pick up, it also improves isolation.
3. This brass microphone increases durability.


1. Light weighted yet sturdy choice.
2. Easy to use and is best for Youtubers and professionals.
3. Interchangeable mic capsule.
4. For different pickup, simple change the heads and get incredible voice quality.


1. Can’t plug the mic directly into the camera.
2. The rear shielding is not very attractive.

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Wrapping Up

Deciding the best microphone for Youtube and Vlog highly depends on the style of video which you are recoding. Many may need more than one mic to do the needful recording correctly.

Here are the best five recommended microphones for YouTube to record perfect video, chose the one which has excellent features and is available for an affordable price.

In addition to it, after investing in high quality and sturdy mic, make sure to protect it well against heat, moisture, and aggressive handling. Avoid placing the mic on a rigid surface as it can easily absorb the iron particles and can damage the final recording.

Never skip the manufacture’s instruction and protect the microphones from rough external use, especially when using outdoor. I have shared the best available option, choose the best that suits your budget and need.

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