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List Of 5 Best Lighting For YouTube Videos

Are you planning to set up your own YouTube channel, apart from having a fabulous concept you must also have excellent lighting to attract your audience?

Before getting started to make sure you have the best lighting equipment because you want people to watch your video and say wow.

Lighting is the backbone of video making, it helps to improve the video quality and eventually you can notice the good number of views and hits on the videos which you post.

The main reason for having the best lighting is, the final recording will be of high quality and instantly grab audience attention.

The Need For Lighting Equipment

Natural light is also a nice option to shoot YouTube videos, it is definitely of high quality but is not always available.

The biggest limitation is lack of dependability when you are planning an indoor shoot or for following a night time schedule. Don’t let the poor lighting affect your video quality.

Moreover, good lighting equipment allows you to use it as long as you want to, all you need is electricity to get started. In addition to it, you can also customize the output light in many modes based on the video requirement.

The best part is you have complete control over the intensity, the direction and parameter of your light which does not work in case of natural lightings.

 5 Excellent YouTube Lighting Devices To Buy


1. Stellar Photo/Video With 18 Inches CFL Ring Light

The Stellar video 18 inches CFL Ring Light works like a charm, it is perfect for all type of shoots. In fact, it is highly preferred by all the professional videographers. This lighting equipment is highly portable and the final output is nothing less than amazement.

Stellar Photo/video CFL Ring Light is an ideal choice for all the YouTubers who what to record videos indoor and in good lightings. It is a fluorescent light and produces less heat. Moreover, the lights can be adjusted based on the environment.

Top Features

  • The lights can be adjusted based on the surroundings
  • Emits very less heat when it is on
  • Best choice if you want to work on soft white light
  • Light weighted and the dimness can be adjusted smoothly
  • The camera can be moved inside the ring light
  • 6 inch Ring Light Stand


  • Even distribution of light
  • Different light modes
  • Lightweight choice


  • Heating is an issue
  • Mounting needs a stand

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2. FOSITAN LED Ring Light

FOSITAN LED Ring Light is a perfect choice if you want to create makeup tutorial, interviews or event want to go live. This is the most budget-friendly lighting equipment which is great in terms of quality.

The FOSITAN LED Ring Light comes with upgraded SMD LED to capture everything with great clarity. You can dim and brighten the light.

In addition to it, you have an option to add colour filters of your choice. It will help you to enhance your skin tone while you are doing a makeup tutorial.

Top Features

  • This lighting offers 10-100% dimmer range
  • You can start the video via smartphone Bluetooth
  • The maximum luminosity level can go up to 4800lx@1m
  • Perfect to capture makeup tutorials and beauty Vlogs
  • Can adjust 5500K Color Temperature
  • Tripod supports steady position


  • Comes with inbuilt safety and environment protection
  • Minimum heat emission
  • Available for an affordable price
  • Blue tooth compatibility


  • The supporting stand is not of great quality

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3. StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox

StudioFX 2400 Watt is one sturdy choice if you want to give a professional look to your YouTube videos. This comes with a 3 piece lighting system and 1 high-quality overhead hair light boom to capture the best video effortlessly.

Each softbox supports 5 bulbs to deliver high-quality video, these bulbs can be individually turned on as well as off. StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox is an excellent lighting choice for Vloggers and professional YouTubers.

Top Features

  • This lighting system is completely compatible with almost all the top camera likes Nikon, Canon, and Sony
  • High performance and softbox bulbs can be individually turned on and off
  • The setup comes with 10 bulbs
  • Easy to install and use


  • Best for indoor shooting
  • Great compatibility
  • Professional looking video


  • The bulbs need frequent chances

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4. Neewer Light Kit

This is durable lighting equipment if you want perfect lights while shooting video or even taking advertisement photographs. This ring light can be used both indoor as well as for outdoor photoshoot.

Neewer Light Kit works well for advertisement and professional shoots, most of the videographers highly prefer Neewer Light Kit for hassle-free video recording.

It easily fulfils all your lighting needs. This smart lighting equipment comes with inbuilt orange and white colour filter hence the output quality is always high.

Top Features

  • The fluorescent light offers continuous lighting
  • This light comes with a stand and extra long cord
  • Smart white and orange colour filter
  • Soft tube for free rotation


  • Excellent dimming and bright function
  • Works well in natural daylight
  • Hassle-free set up
  • Comes with remote attachment


  • Terrible packing

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5. Diva Ring Professional Studio Lighting

A high-quality video is the best answer to instantly grab audience attention; Diva Ring Professional Studio Lighting make this job easy.

The smartly designed Diva Ring Professional Studio Lighting is distinctively used by vloggers and YouTubers to add the much-needed sparkle while they are shooting.

The construction of Diva Ring Professional Studio Lighting is brilliant, it is 18 inches in diameter. The body is made with sturdy aluminium and the interior is neatly finished.

Top Features

  • The dimness can vary up 20-100%
  • The body and stand are easily adjustable
  • This lighting comes with 5400K daylight bulb
  • 2 additional supporting tools i.e. Tripod and Light Stand


  • Limited risk of overheating
  • Best fluorescent light
  • Reduces skin imperfection


  • The mounting camera is a little tricky

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Wrapping Up

A piece of high-quality lighting equipment is important while you shoot a video for YouTube or advertisement. When you use lighting equipment, the final output is a high-quality video which your audience will prefer to watch and share with their friends.

Apart from lighting equipment it is must to have the right camera. Opt for lighting equipment which is easy to set up, adjustable and durable. You tell, which Youtube lighting would you like to buy? Share your thoughts! 

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