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Top 10 Cooling Pads For Laptop Under RS 1000

Are you searching for the best laptop cooling pad at an affordable price? If yes, then you may read this post that contains the details of the excellent cooling pads for laptop to buy from Amazon. 

So, if you are a Desktop user, then heating issues aren’t much of concern for you. However, if you are using the Laptop, then at some point of time you must have experienced heating issues, Am I right?

Overheating of Laptop can be caused due to extensive usage of the CPU, gaming or clogged vents. Consistent overheating may not only shut down your computer in between, but it can also reduce the life of your Laptop.

So, what is the solution for laptop overheating? Cooling Pad?

Do I Really Need a Laptop Cooling Pad?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your usage. If your usage is normal which includes running applications like Microsoft Word or browsing the Internet, then you can use any Rigid surface like Table, Board, etc. as a substitute for a cooling pad since the Laptop’s inbuilt fan would be sufficient to handle the heat.

However, if your usage includes heavy processing such as Photo Editing, Video Editing, Gaming, etc. then you must use a cooling pad for laptop. 

But My Laptop Has Never Faced Any Heating Issues?

New laptops are capable of handling the heat pretty well but even if they are able to run at high temperatures, there’s a chance that the endurance of the motherboard might be affected in the long term.

Even if you are not facing any random shut-downs, BSODs or other heating issues, you should still use a laptop cooling pad if your usage involves heavy processing.

Please note that if you have an old laptop and experiencing problems like random shutdowns or hard disk crashes then you may need to check and clean the internal hardware.

This article on how to Diagnose the Overheating Laptop can be a great resource for you to begin with fixing your device.

So, I have decided to list the best laptop cooling pads, irrespective of their order which you can buy online from Amazon! 

Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads To Buy From Amazon

Check the top laptop cooling pads to buy below 1000 INR!

1. Cosmic Byte Cometbest-cooling-pad-laptop

This cooling pad is suitable for all 15-inches to 17-inches laptops and it comes with dual 140mm cooling fans with a speed controlling switch.

Along with this, they have a USB port so your computer’s USB port doesn’t get wasted if you connect it with this pad. The height of the pad can be adjusted according to your comfort.

2. Tech-Com LCP-775


Tech-Com LCP-775 is a newly launched cooling pad by Indian based manufacturer Tech-Com and comes with only one fan.

This best laptop cooling fan has a rigid body with a metal base and supports height adjustments. Also, LCP-775 is suitable for 10-inches to 17-inches Laptops.

So, if you are specifically looking for 17 inch laptop cooling pad, then you may check this laptop cooling pad price on Amazon and get it!

3. Tech Com LCP 771


This variant is an older version of Tech-Com’s LCP-775 and comes with Dual Fans. There is no height adjustment feature available in this model.

The body is fiber and 50% metal. This cooling mat for laptop is a great choice for 15-inches to 17-inches Laptop computers. The USB plug has a pass-through USB port so your Laptop’s USB port doesn’t get wasted.

4. Havit HV – F2035best-laptop-cooling-pad

Havit HV – F2035 is a slim laptop cooling pad that comes with 140mm Dual Fans. It is a perfect choice for lightweight Laptops with size up to 15.6 inches.

There are no height adjustment rods and also doesn’t include the USB pass-through plug.

5. Tarkan Unibody Mono Fantop-cooling-pad-laptop

Tarkan unibody mono fan comes with a Metal Mesh Surface design and includes the single fan for cooling. Height can be adjusted to only one level.

This external cooling fan for laptop is a budget cooling pad and suitable for all the laptops up to 15.6-inches size. Unfortunately, this model by Tarkan doesn’t come with a Warranty.

6. Zebronics ZEB NC1500laptop-cooling-fan

Zebronics released this cooling pad 4 years ago and it is still one of the most popular cooling pads in the budget range. The NC1500 comes with a single 140mm fan and has a mesh design base. 

If you are looking for cheap cooling pads for your 15.6-inches Laptop then can be a perfect choice. Unfortunately, this best laptop cooling pad is an old model so there is no USB pass-through plug or height adjustment feature on this pad.

7. Frontech JIL 6016best-laptop-cooling-fan

Frontech is popular for manufacturing budget range computer accessories. JIL 6016 is very similar to Zebronics ZEB NC1500 regarding design and functionality.

However, it supports Laptops up to 14-inches. This cooling fan for laptop is a very cheap cooling pad but still, it comes with a 1-year Warranty.

8. Zebronics ZEB-NC1000laptop-cooling-stand

This is the older version of NC1500 and can be seen in almost every offline computer stores. The body is made up of lightweight plastic and includes an 180mm Fan.

This best laptop cooling fan is suitable for all 15-inch Laptops and luckily comes with a 1-year Manufacturer warranty.

9. TechnoTech M-119


The cheapest cooling pad which you can get. TechnoTech M-119 is just a very basic cooling pad which includes a single fan and supports Laptops up to 15-inch.

Although the quality of the product isn’t up to the mark but for the price it is being sold at, this best laptop cooling stand serves its purpose pretty well.

10. Tarkan Dual-Fan Cooling Padlaptop-cooling-pad-gaming

The last one in this list is definitely the best one. Manufactured by Tarkan, this cooling pad comes with Dual-Fan, Metal Mesh Base design and includes USB ports.

Along with this, it also includes multi-angle height adjustment feature. For Rs 1000, it is the best laptop cooling pad for gaming that supports laptops up to 15.6-inches.

Yes, if you are a gamer then you shouldn’t be buying anything else apart from this under this range.

Which One Should I Buy?

Before buying the best laptop cooling pad, the first and the most important thing to consider is the size of your Laptop. While most of them support the size up to 15.6 inches, only a few of them are compatible with Laptop having size more than 15.6 inches.

Hence, you should verify the dimensions of the product and your Laptop before purchasing. Secondly, single fan cooling pads are sufficient for normal usage but for gaming purpose, you should opt the best cooling pad for laptop with Dual-Fans.

What is your opinion about these best laptop cooling pads? Which one would you like to purchase? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

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