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10 Best FLAC Player That Are Worth Using

Free Lossless Audio Codec or what we all know as FLAC player is nothing a general way of audio coding. In this format, there is no compromising in the compression of audio files.

However, do you know when it became popular and now it is even trending as well? Well! It is the time when MP3 file formats started causing trouble with piracy.

If you are searching for an audio file compressor, then look for no other than the FLAC player. It helps to shrink the file size to half of the original audio file size.

Here are top 10 Best FLAC Player that compress your audio files without compromising the quality to look out for.

Top 10 FLAC Music Players


#1. VLC Media Player

One of the most popular media players that work wonderfully in Windows is none other than our very familiar VideoLan Player VLC media player. It supports FLAC media player and as well almost all video and audio formats.

However, it doesn’t work well in converting but can play really well in several other devices and is also available for Mac, iOS, and Linux as well. The interface is not that high end and luxurious but definitely provides the great user experience.

Download VLC Media Player

#2. Winamp

Winamp is the oldest and one of the most reliable music player which is still ruling the market. The software has a lot of features to attract new users such as multi-language support, customization at your ease.

The Winamp media player also allows to search tracks, albums, genres and as well as artists. It is the best FLAC player for Mac devices. 

Download Winamp

#3. MusicBee

If you are new to the term FLAC player and want to try your hands on something new and great, then MusicBee is the one for all Windows 10 users.

The best part about this is that it can directly note down lyrics and it is also an amazing podcast manager. For better user experience, the MusicBee offers you with sleek and smart design that has some great skins, plugins and as wells extended library option.

Download MusicBee 

#4. Bread Player

A music player dedicated for the Windows 10 users that gives an elegant yet powerful design is none other than the Bread Player. However, it supports several audio formats like MP3, WMA, FLAC and many more but still lacks several features. 

Download Bread Player

#5. Dopamine

One of the most under-rated FLAC players is none other than the Dopamine. It offers you with many features and also supports other codes apart from FLAC such as WAV, MP3, APE and many more.

It is greatly designed to give you that professional experiences like downloading song lyrics, FM integration and etc. 

Download Dopamine

#6. GOM Player

If you want to look for a FLAC player that gives you an amazing experience as a Windows 10 user, then do check out the GOM player. It gives a sleek and stylish modern look to the interface and it is totally free of cost.

You can go for customization to a higher level according to your wish. It also offers some extra features like 3D audio effects and also supports multiple language subtitles. However, it supports both video and audio as well with great quality. It is one of the best free FLAC players. 

Download GOM Player

#7. Real Player

One of the latest media player that people are talking about is none other than the Real Player. It is an easy to use FLAC player for Windows operator.

It gives a stylish and classy look and also comes in a premium version that offers more functions and features. However, to avail the premium version there is a monthly cost of $9.99. 

Download Real Player

#8. KM Player

If you are looking for a portable FLAC player that is adaptable as well, then KM player is the one you should put your hands on. It is great for both audio and video files as per quality checking.

To add on, the KM player is not that heavy in weight and hence the portability factor is great. The KM player also has an inbuilt codec which allows you to play any kind of media file without any difficulty. It also lets you customize and modify according to your wish. 

Download KM Player

#9. MediaMonkey

Yet another great and very popular media player is the MediaMonkey. It is designed to give the users a great musical experience on an everyday basis.

There is a default interface but one can customize it accordingly to make it more interesting. There is a support for the huge library so it won’t affect your music downloading and converting. In addition, this is the best FLAC player for Android and iPhone. 

Download MediaMonkey

#10. Windows Media Player

Last but not the least is none other than our very own Windows Media Player. It is a great FLAC player that supports a huge library and also supports all kind of formats.

It also offers the users with simple and easy to use interface yet stylish. The best part is that it is free of cost which is great. 

Download Windows Media Player


If you want to compress the audio files without much affecting the quality, then you certainly need a FLAC player.  I have come up with a list of top 10 best FLAC player that will work seamlessly for you.

Don’t forget that VLC Media player is the best among all according to us. However, the others are equally good at their work. So which one do you like among the top 10? Do let me know in the comment section below. 

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