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Best Apps of the Week

The week is filled with all sorts of festivals from the Halloween, Diwali to the Thank giving. A whole lot of things to do and a whole lot of time to sweat. But honestly, giving some time to you is a must. It’s just what you need at the moment when you look into your new phone; that you might get this festive weekend. But what about the others who won’t; so here we are with a whole lot of new free apps that are surrounding the season and the markets of the best apps ever. Have a look.

BBM (Android & iPhone): 

Yes, it’s here the app that has long awaited the users, and why not. An app that took the whole world to a new level, gave Blackberry the uniqueness it always craved for. The app was firs scheduled, then postponed and then released again, but without a doubt and now it’s here.

black berry messanger


The app has been made just for the text-a-holics, with all new smileys and emoticons, a whole new experience to gain. The new status of the users these days- “My BBM pin is-“. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

StormFly (Android):

An app that changes with the change in your surroundings, the temperature, atmosphere or the climate around you. Isn’t that cool, enough to impress your friends. The SpiderFly studios have come up with such an app called the “StormFly”


sormfly personalization app


The app makes your wallpaper or the lock screen look awesome by changing itself with the latest feeds about you climate, or the surrounding you are in. That’s an app to keep, which is available on the Android App Market.

Dubble (iPhone):

A whole new genre of apps are available for the iPhone users just after the advent of the iOS 7, one of them is the Dubble app. An app that makes you share your photos. Wait, isn’t that a feature that every phones these days have. Nope, theres something that it has to offer, it lets you click photos or use a previously snapped pic to dubble or collide with some other dubble user’s pic to form a collided cum abstract image that is most often cool and amazing.

share photos on iphone with doubble

The app lets you share it to all the possible SNS with just a click and go. Hope that makes it to your iPhone.

Phonly (Windows Phone):

If you love getting the latest feeds on your device or if you are an all to go user of the FEEDLY. Here is an alternative that is available on the WP app store. The recent app cum update lets you get the latest feeds with the ease and best view you can get.


an alterative to feedly for windows phone users

Imagine Cam (Windows Phone):

Wonder how you could just change the pics you snap from the casual way they look to the exciting way you can get them without much a do. The Imagine Cam app lets you do that.

editing level pro

The app lets you tinker you with the snaps and other applicable feature like the scene mode and the shutter delay options.One of the best camera alternatives for WP.


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