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Best Apps/Games of this Week

The weekends are the best thing in a student, a teacher or a working class’s  life. These are the days when they get to do what they desire. But what about the way they spend the vacations. Yes, we know that they stay most of the time on their laptops, PCs or such devices, and hence these gadgets are considered an omen for the people but we have a totally different opinion. Every week has a great deal to offer, and here is that offer, the apps of this week that can keep you engrossed. The apps of this week are:


Tank Battles (Android):


The app which can keep you engrossed for hours and more. The provides a simple interface, where the gamer gets to enter a Tank Battle Tournament with his own personalized tank. You can customize your own tank, go on solo missions, and many more. An awesome game by Gameloft, and this game gets a total thumbs up from litabi.


Meltdown (Android):


If you are interested in going for a game of level, meltdown is what are you craving for. And we recommend it as a must for your phone. The game circulates around this fictional Sci-Fi character who starts the game with a very basic gun killing and moving through all the adversities and oppositions. The game progresses with the new guns being used till the end. The game is available for Android.


Dayframe (Android/BBM 10):


The photo sharing apps are one of the most loved ones all around the world, whether it is Instagram, Picasa, or any other app. The newest entry in this is that of Day frame. Just as the name suggests, the app is a frame composing all the pictures, and enhancing them by using them as the screen savers for mostly the tablets or large screen Smartphones. New features of this app include; navigation bar, easy access to Instagram and many more. Give the app a try and you’ll love it.


Topic Lay (Android/BBM 10):


The name has quite a descriptive meaning, because the app is the News Reader for the Gen Next, when we don’t get the time to read the whole paper or the article being posted. The App filters out an excerpt from the main article and places it along will the heading and the image, it really makes a clear and very user friendly interface. The user can directly access the websites and the blogs where the article is originally posted.


ARC Squadron- Redux (Android):


A flight control game that is set up on the far distant galaxies that we are totally unaware of. The game takes you as the elite aircraft pilot and lets you fight a different race of aliens who are taking over the galaxies, and you are the only hope left for all. The different levels and the gameplay make it totally different from the games that we used to play in any other way.


The apps may seem like progressing towards the games  , but since the categories are somewhat the same, we keep to the best  acknowledged possible.

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