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Best App Trackers

We get fed up of the apps we download from the apps market, some day or the other. But one thing never changes and that is, the need for some more apps. We keep on searching for the new apps day by day, waiting for new releases, reading blogs for the best apps of the week. But have you ever thought, how interesting it would be, if there could be an app serving us with the best apps; whether they are the new releases or are unknown to us.

This interesting thing has always been there, just right there in your phone, but you never cared to pay heed to them. Here is an article telling you about the best App Trackers that can help you get your apps which you longed for.

Best Apps Market

BAM or Best Apps Market is that particular app which directs you straightly to the android apps you desire, whether it is a free app or any other recommended one. You can even see the different lists such as the Best apps, most popular apps etc.



The application is not that all, it even helps you filter your choices like the price, category for arcade, sports etc., just like you have in Play store. It is a must have app for your Android Smartphone.



The name somehow suggests the meaning, “FREE” apps; not likely but this utility app is a bit different, rather keeping a database of the free apps that is available in the market, it tracks all those apps that have gone free for that particular day. So we can say that it is a “Best Price Dealer” app, that helps you get the apps that you just think of downloading.



The app also keeps an eye on the apps you have downloaded previously and tells you if you have an update pending. So, what’s the talk of the Playstore- Freapp tells you everything. This app is available only for Android Devices.


Apps Gone Free

The father of all utility cum app curation apps, which is available for the iOS needs a place in this list. For sure this app has been the best among all, the app which gives you the best deals available for your Apple device. The Apple’s App store provides varous apps for free during a certain period of time in a day (10 PM -M 10.30 PM), and this app makes you realize that moment, and helps you track down those apps which are not available for free.

apps Gone Free


If you have ever visited a fair, then yes this is the “Fair of Apps”. An app that tags apps with ‘hot, ‘bumped”, ‘recommended’etc. so that the users could easily skim through them till the end. If you have an iDevice, then its a strong recommendation to have this app.


Apps Fire

Its not like the literal fire, but metamorphically — yes, the apps have become flammable and have gone all free. This apps curation app maintains a list of the best free, discounted or interesting apps so that the users could easily get the apps they desire of. Under the section “Best Deals Today” the users get the latest apps that have either gone free or are available in discount.

Apps Fire


This app is worth downloading because it is a bit different from other curation apps, as it gives you feeds about the apps, and there are credits given to various apps, so that you could have an ease in downloading them.This app is available for iOS devices only.


WP7 Applist

The only curatopr app that is available in our list for the Windows Phone is WP7  Applist. The app like the previous ones, keeps all its senses on the apps that could have gone free. The app has certain features like the Live Tile option that makes it a way looking better than other curation apps.

WP7 Applist


What more !!! The app is powered by the WP7 Applist website, and thus is a great place to search for apps.

The apps might not come free, but as we say there’s always a backdoor to anyplace- anywhere.


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