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Best Accessories For Your MacBook

Apple is one of those companies, which makes products that increase productivity of their users instead of focusing on saving money for them. The MacBook is one of the perfect examples of this.

If you have ever used a MacBook, you would understand that it is one of the best machines to do your work on. You have a great operating system like Mac OS X on it and you also have an amazing battery life that almost no other laptop will provide.

These laptops are not only good when it comes to productivity, but they also look great. But the beauty is only short lived if you don’t take care of your MacBook properly. The MacBook has an anodized aluminum unibody, which looks great, but you need to take care of it or else you will regret those nasty looking scratches that you might see.

Even they keyboard are of a MacBook is delicate and you need to protect them with some type of cover for some wear and tear. Not only this, but there are some great accessories that you can use for your MacBook and we will be mentioning those in this post.

Greatest 5 MacBook Gadgets

Nifty MiniDrive


MacBooks usually come with an SSD that limit the amount of internal storage that you can have on your MacBook. I personally own a MacBook Pro 2015 with 128 GB SSD and sometimes I run out of storage and hence this is the best solution for me to get some extra storage for my MacBook.

You can add an extra 128 GB space using this MiniDrive on your MacBook and this costs you about $90 which will get you a 128 GB SD card along with a Nifty MiniDrive and a MiniDrive removal tool.

Protective Silicone Keyboard Cover


Who doesn’t like a new looking MacBook even after years of usage? To make sure you retain the beauty of your MacBook even after several years of usage, you need one of these keyboard or screen protectors.

This product will not only save your screen from scratches but will also save your keyboard from any kind of water or liquid spills that could easily fry your MacBook.



Apple MacBooks come with a great charging interface for their laptops which is known as MagSafe 2.0 and the charging port is magnetically connected to the charger’s male port.

This is a great way of keeping the charger not only connected but this is also helpful in case you pick up your MacBook forgetting you have attached the charger as well.

But this is a point of weakness in the MacBook as these adapters come off really easily especially on an uneven surface like a bed. The Snuglet is a solution to this problem.

The Snuglet is a small metal ring that sits inside the charging port of your MacBook and stops it from disconnecting the charging port so easily.

DualHead2Go Digital ME


The DualHead2Go takes advantage of the Thunderbolt connector on your MacBook to allow you to use two displays at once with your MacBook. You can have a total of 3 screens including the one on your MacBook.

This peripheral connects via the Thunderbolt port and is powered by a USB port on your MacBook.

Apple Magic Mouse

apple-magic-mouseThe Mac OS X works great with the trackpad and has some of the most useful guestures that ever surfaced on an operating system. But every once in a while you are going to miss having a mouse as mice provides us with a larger area to use our pointer with.

It also has a multi-touch surface that supports the guestures on Mac OS X.This means that you are not losing any functionality of the trackpad, you are just extending it.


These are some of the best accessories you can use with your MacBook and personally I like the keyboard and screen protector as well as the Apple Magic Mouse.

If you want to check out more accessories for your MacBook, then browse this link for different kind of Mac Accessories.

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