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AVG 2014 Review

AVG Technologies began in 90’s and is now one of the biggest troupes in the Antivirus market with corporate office all around the world. AVG Antivirus is one of a handful of the best-performing antivirus software product in the world.


AVG 2014 is dedicated to home users and gives a glimpse of the latest system protection utilities perfected by AVG. AVG provides influential features for identifying, eliminating and blocking malicious software, viruses and rootkits from penetrating into your system. It is assisted up by a highly intuitive and attractive interface and offers adequately of options and customization preferences.

Product Overview

AVG’s Anti-Virus line follows on the heel of last year’s highly-ranked security suite by not merely incorporating some minor but key tweaks to both its front-end and back-end. It features a Resident Shield, which provides real-time protection by actively scanning files as they are copied, opened and saved.

For protection online, AVG includes two features: AVG Active Surf-Shield and AVG Search- Shield. Active Surf-Shield block threats when user clicks on suspicious links. Search-Shield checks the links that appear in search display and shows an icon next to them indicating whether they are safe or not.


The installation of AVG is very simple and provides 23 languages in addition to English. The complete package includes email protection using POP/SMTP/IMAP protocols to filter spam along with identity protection component which monitors how the program behaves on your PC. The users of Windows 7 and Vista may also see an AVG gadget that shows current status and offers fast access to the program.




Version 2013 was AVG’s first push towards adopting and remixing the Modern UI movement. Since then AVG has adopted the flat Microsoft design language UI which perfectly contests with the Windows 8 look.

The screen is ornamented with AVG’s primary areas of protection that include your computer browsing the Web, Identity protection features, e-mail protection, and extras that colonize the second row. It is the same as last year’s design.


AVG uses layers of protection. The first layer recognizes the threats by matching to its database of known threats while the other layer, AVG Resident Shield prevents you from opening infected files. AVG collects data on fast-breaking infections from the installed base of users who opt to share zero-day data and then updates customer PCs automatically.

It has a game mode so that you can concentrate on a multiplayer game without enduring scheduled updates and scans. AVG also guards your digital gaming profiles against hackers who use the web to steal your World of craft.

It even has AVG Social Networking feature that protects you while exchanging links within Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. The email scanner covers incoming and outgoing messages at user’s choice. “AVG Self Protection” is a feature that prevents malware from disabling the antivirus’ files, processes, drivers and registry keys in order to take over the computer.

Scanning Modes and Settings

By default AVG scans whole computer but it can be customized to specific drives or directories. AVG removes virus infection without user intervention and looks for tracking cookies, scans within archives and verify system environment.


Users may even schedule the system for automatic scan to be triggered at specific time interval or at startup. Resident Shield scans the boot sector of removable devices providing safeguard against malware.


What’s New!

Apart from its old features AVG has added two notable additions: File Shredder and Data Safe.

Data Safe is your lockbox to prevent unwanted tampering or snooping if you save files on a public machine. It helps you to create a secured pseudo-partition that can be unlocked with a password.


By default, Windows doesn’t actually delete files, even after clearing the Recycle Bin. File Shredder is a more permanent solution of deleting files and reducing any potential digital trails for recovery.

PC Analyzer and AVG Secure Search

PC Analyzer runs a scan to verify issues concerning the Windows Registry, junk files, fragmentation, and broken shortcuts. However, installing a third-party application (AVG PC Tune-up) is necessary to resolve them.


The AVG Secure Search toolbar enhances user security while navigating the web through “Do Not Track” feature. This tool prevents web analytics and ad networks from collecting user’s information.


AVG Antivirus software is an effective performer with well-considered features. AVG 2014 is powerful security software when it comes to detecting, removing and preventing viruses, rootkits and malware from penetrating home computers. it’s the “best” security program around, that may meet the requirement of large number

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