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Audi Introduces On-board Android by Joining Hands with Google

Google has announced Open Automotive Alliance in partnership with Audi, which is currently on display in glamorous city of Las Vegas. The smart display is surely attracting a lot of eyeballs. In layman’s terms the Open automotive Alliance is an alliance of automotive manufacturers who plan on using android in automobiles. There have been many conjectures regarding the potential risky outcome of the Android usage in automobiles. The speculations boomed right after the alliance was announced on 6 January 2014.


Design Specifications

The whole idea is easy to understand and conceptualize. The smart display is actually pretty efficient. It has a large 10.2 inch Android 4.3 tablet, which is highly customized to serve all kinds of users. The main difference between the smart display and the usual run of the mill tablets is that the Smart Display integrates seamlessly with the pre-installed entertainment and navigation system, regardless of the company they belong to.

Difference between Smart Display and Tablets

The product is already high in demand and is getting incorporated for the very first time in Audi S8. Audi has constructed the smart display with only one thought in mind and that is to provide the ultimate techno savvy experience to the customers. They had even tested other tablets like the more widely- known iPad, but it seems that other tablets might possess a danger to the occupants. Audi went all the way out, and it crash tested its tablet too.



Many people have raised various concerns about this new kid on the market, and have many queries about its updates and its efficiency. One of the most important one is how would it help them, how much would it cost and how would it increase their costs and would it still be worth it?


This is barely the beginning, we know that and the tablet will surely need a lot of improvement and it might need a few tweaks here and there. Plus, with the technology improving and progressing in leaps every single day we can expect a better version very soon. Till then, we have to appreciate Audi’s efforts and their courage to try out the Android tablet. Hopefully, it will be above everyone’s expectations and highly liked by its customers.

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