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The Successful Domain of iPhone Apps Development

Innovative, touch-operated Smartphones have taken the mobile market by storm and iPhone is enjoying the top spot in the fight amongst different Smartphones. It was first launched in the year 2007 and has become the largest selling Smartphone in the world. Apple’s iPhone has amazing features like Large display screen, super smooth touch, user friendly interface, GPS features, high resolution …

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The Geo-Fencing App; A Parent’s Sidekick

The world has seen a lot of different ways of tracking and most of them would be quite effective as well but now is the time of advancements in technology and you need to learn to swim along the tide. If you have tried and tested all the monitoring apps to keep an eye on your kids, then I am …

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Campaign The Game – Review, Gamepaly, Pros and Cons

campaign the game review

Introduction to Campaign The Game Campaign The Game comes under strategy genre and has a very good appeal in its play. The game is all about owning an ad agency and how to run it. So you will be taking charge of the agency and have the job of getting it to maximum heights. Gameplay: How  Campaign The Game works? …

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