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7 Best Apps To Make Money By Doing Some Meaningful Tasks

What if I told, there are some cool apps to make money online?? Yes, this is for real.

Smartphone App has seriously simplified our life; in fact, there is an app for everything.

Almost everyone uses a mobile phone, but many are not aware that the same smartphone can be used to earn good money while sitting at home.

All you need is to spend some time on the smartphone. Simply, download the money-making app and can earn bucks.

Making money is an essential aspect of everyone’s life; it not only makes the experience smooth but also helps you to fulfill your desire. There is almost nothing that money cannot buy.

Top Smartphone Applications To Earn Money At Your Spare Time

Here are seven best and reliable apps to make money in your spare time! 

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most reliable app when it comes to earning real money. This app lets you complete an array of activities; in turn, you receive hot cash into your account. Fill out the short survey every day; each survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Do you love sharing opinions?? You can earn money using the official website of Swagbucks; you can also download the application. This is an app that pays you after the completion of the survey. Swagbucks is available for the android smartphone.

The earned Swagbucks points can be redeemed in the form of $3 to $25 gift cards. The points can be exchanged in the form of premium gifts at Amazon, PayPal, Starbucks, and events at Target and Walmart stores.

Download the Swagbucks app and start earning

2. Cointiply

Cointiply is one of the reliable apps to make money in the form of bitcoins. The app allows you to indulge in the tasks, and in return, you can get bitcoins for free.

The task includes playing games, installing other applications, filling surveys, and views advertisements. The earning from Cointiply is in the form of bitcoin fractions, which is called Satoshi. You can get a Satoshi for each task you complete.

These bitcoins can be converted into hard cash using WaziX (it is the most trusted bitcoin exchange in India). CoinBase works well for a global audience. That are more than 20 ways to earn bitcoins. Additionally, you can use promo codes to earn free coins.

Login to know more 

Download Cointiply

3. Google’s Opinion Rewards

What can be a more trustable option to earn money online than using Google’s Opinion Rewards? Google rewards you after the completion of quick surveys. This app works great on android as well as iOS devices.

With Google’s Opinion Rewards, you can earn rewards, but it is not in the form of cash. These rewards can be redeemed via google services like downloading the music, movies, android apps, etc. from play store.

At Google’s Opinion Rewards app, you can easily take up to 30 surveys every week. All you need is to share your opinion and reviews about various products. Each reward has a credit point, and it can go up to 2 dollars to the maximum.

Download Google’s Opinion Rewards and get started 

4. TaskBucks

TaskBucks is one of the most preferred android apps to make money online. You can earn money in the form of PayTM cash and Free recharge, isn’t that cool!!!

There are a contest every day, which is the key to win the vast treasure. The earned TaskBucks coins can be used to recharge mobile and pay postpaid mobile bills as well.

The TaskBucks app has a list of easy tasks and offers which can be completed to earn free PayTM cash. The tasks are usually super simple, and you need to play and win the quizzes.

You also can make a few more bucks through the referral income. That means you need to invite and refer your friends to earn more money.

Download TaskBucks and start making money right now

5. AppTrailers

AppTrailers is another excellent app that helps you to earn cash in return for the reviews. You can easily earn some money by watching the movie more trailer, game trailer, and even movie reviews. All you need is to give small feedback and make money online.

The earned point cannot be withdrawn in terms of cash, but the AppTrailers provide you redeemable gift cards. The gift card is usually from the top brands that include Amazon, Starbucks, Groupon, and its alternatives

The compensation of points is calculated in the form of cents, and you can earn up to 1 dollar for every shared review. This online money-making app works great for android smart devices.

Download AppTrailers

6. Viggle

If you love watching endless videos, then Viggle is a blessing for you. You get paid for watching videos. The Viggle lets you watch TV shows, videos, listening to music, you get paid for the completion of tasks.

Viggle lets you earn your reward in the form of gift cards, prizes, shopping vouchers. You can earn money by doing something which you like the most, i.e. watching movies.

Viggle makes earning money easy, and you need to watch live video streaming like Hulu, amazon videos, Netflix, etc. Simply download the Viggle app and watch videos to earn money.

Download Viggle

7. Perk App

The last option is the list is the Perk app; it is a popular platform that allows you to earn rewards after completion of various online risks. You can use the android smartphone and earn reward points with the help of the Perk app.

With Perk app, you can watch videos, play multiple games, visit business websites, and perform other activities to earn rewards points.

Download the Perk app and make money effortlessly. You can sign up using Facebook or your email ID. Simple earn cash, gift cards, and a lot more by watch videos online.

The best one is the Perk app is the PerkTv which ensures you earn money and reward points by watching your favorite video on the smartphone. It is one of the effortless ways to earn money online.

Visit the official website of Perk 

Wrapping Up

Almost every individual at least once in their lifetime researches for genuine online jobs, which can be a source of income. The above mentioned top 7 online money making apps are reliable and the easy choice to make some extra bucks.

All these apps are free to download and install. Moreover, these apps are reliable and work well for students and people who want to work some extra hours to make some quick money. 

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