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Apps That Boost User Experience On MacBooks

Apple’s premium devices offer excellent features, powerful functionality, and amazing desktop programs, making them even more dynamic. Though in-house apps add weightage to how Apple devices work, third-party apps can change the way you use your Mac, making it more productive.

MacBook Apps To Improve User Experience

Whether you are new to Mac or a long-time Apple user, learning about these apps will be an exciting journey. Before installing any of these apps, make sure you have enough storage space on the hard drive.

Let’s take a tour of these apps to make your macOS experience more memorable. 

1. CleanMyMac X

An efficient Mac cleaning tool that amalgamates the features of disk optimization tools and the anti-malware software. If you are running short of space, deleting outdated apps and clearing system storage are some ways to make your Mac ready for new apps.

The application scans your Mac to delete junk files, such as system logs and cache files. It checks your system for malicious programs, removes inconsistencies, and speeds up your device for better performance. CleanMyMac X helps you keep your system clean and more organized to gain optimized levels of productivity.

2. Unclutter

As the name indicates, Unclutter is your personal desktop manager app that stores files, clipboard information, and apps with a single swipe. The shortcut to the app rests on the top of your screen and is quickly accessible when you swipe the screen from the top.

You can store Clipboard History, which includes the list of clips you have recently copied, and Clipboard Favorites, which enlists frequently used clips. Apart from that, you can drag-and-drop files from Finder, Desktop, and other Apps. You can auto-sync files and files on your Macs via DropBox to make data easily accessible.

3. Bear

Bear is a flexible writing app that allows you to write notes on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. You can protect your sensitive notes by using Face or Touch ID. It allows you to write quick notes to lengthy essays. The Bear app is also available as a Bear Pro version that allows you to encrypt your notes.

You can lock the Bear app by encrypting individual notes for enhanced security and prevent unauthorized access. Other security features include setting up a unique password to lock the Bear app. It also allows you to export your notes and writings into PDF or DOC files. Markup Editor in Bear supports over 150 programming languages.

4. Bartender

Built for macOS, Bartender allows you to control the menu bar to improve the overall workflow. It’s a useful app built for power users who are utilizing too many apps on their computers. You can choose the apps to be displayed in the menu bar and quickly search for the item you need.

You can place more apps in the menu bar using the Bartender app by reducing the space between app icons. The Triggers feature allows you to control and adjust when an item shows. It includes The Triggers for Wi-Fi, Battery, Time Machine, and more. It enables you to organize your menu bar items the way you want.

5. Keyboard Maestro

Whether you are an avid Mac user or a starter, you would like to learn new ways to finish your work faster. Right? You can quickly automate any task using this responsive app, sending an email via Gmail, browsing Facebook, typing your email address, surfing the Internet, or anything else.

You can open any particular document, play music, rearrange windows, or perform any similar task efficiently by using Keyboard Maestro. It is a complete productivity app that allows users to perform calculations, create reports, download files, transform OCR images, and more.

6. Todoist

It is your personal task-tracker with a clean and intuitive interface that helps you stay organized. The app possesses the capability to work in collaboration with Slack or Alexa. Are you wondering ‘how’? The app allows you to add to-do items directly through Alexa or Slack.

It breaks your tasks into a more compelling inbox-style series of queues that you can easily categorize by the deadline or the date. The app helps you to achieve peace of mind by organizing your tasks seamlessly. You can personalize your task views by using boards, filters, and labels, theme features integrated into the Todoist task manager app.

7. Gemini 2

If you check your system carefully, you will find at least three copies of most of the images you have stored on your Mac. It happens when we accidentally save multiple copies of the same file repeatedly without knowing that the temporary files are consuming a lot of drive space. This slows down your system in the long run, even more so than some cybersecurity threats might.

Gemini 2 is a highly productive duplicate content finder that scans every bit of your Mac data to identify and delete useless copies. It can scan a music file, an image, a document, a video, a music track to identify and weed out the unwanted files from the system and improve its performance.


I have compiled the best list of Apps for your MacBook so that you will get a great experience while using the productive gadget. If you know of any other better applications for Mac to enhance the user experience, you may share them in the comment section. 

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